A great blog is key to any business’ success today, but just having excellent blog content is only part of what will boost traffic and showcase your company’s expertise. You need a good strategy, to take site content from just being good – to being great. Here are five ways to boost your blog content strategy, and really make your site content sing:

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1. Consider Themed Posts

People like routine. Well, most of them. But one thing to keep people coming back to your blog content and reading it is when they know what to expect. To an extent, of course, because everything is and must be in balance. So, we think that a themed post once a week can do just that – a Marketing Mondays post, for instance, where you look at what’s happening in the industry, or piggyback on a popular hashtag like #tbt (throwback thursdays) where you look at an old product, revisit a blog topic, or re-share other media. Be creative, and be brilliant!


2. Work with Other Bloggers

A blog strategy can be improved with the addition of other voices and perspectives. With a bit of research and outreach, you can find other experts – bloggers or bigger personalities – to add to your own content. Not only does this mean that your blog will be shared and introduced to another circle of readers, but you will likely also take inspiration from their work and approach.


3. Write WELL and use Original Content

Google and readers alike LOVE to read good, solid content. Grabbing a press release and throwing it up on your blog is not going to do anyone any favors. Therefore, be a dear, and hire some real writers who will produce excellent, sharable content that will further your blog strategy and vision. Good content is read. Great blog content lives on, so extend its lifespan and bring outstanding pieces to your site.


4. Write for Your Readers – and Potential Audience

This might require a bit of research: writing your blog is not merely for yourself, your team or anyone else closely tied. You’re writing for new business, and therefore are writing for the audience you most hope to reach. A solid blog strategy for great content will include a lot of listening and learning – perhaps just as much as the attention you pay to your writing. See what customers are taking about, and use a portion of your content to weigh in, and invite others to respond. Just make sure you’re having the right kind of conversation, and everything will be simply brilliant.


5. Give it Away

So you’ve written all this stellar blog content, now what? Well, how your share your content should be part of your blog strategy. Maybe social media is a great route, maybe a newsletter will spread the word, or maybe you send emails when new content appears. More visual content will be great on Pinterest or Instagram, whereas something more corporate and cerebral can be shared via Linkedin for maximum exposure. Make sure you send it out via the most appropriate channels for your business, and you are bound to see returns.

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