About Us

We are Audienti.

We believe that marketing, at its essence, is problem solving. It is about creating new, and exciting connections between people and organizations. It is about data, and insight, and personal touch. It is about care. And, most of all, it is about trust. 


Who We Are

We are a team made up of top professionals in every industry that have a track record of success. Some of our team members are full time employees at Audienti. Some are contractors or freelancers who we work with that have specialized skills.

Our Mission

We focus on solving the business problem of how to get more high quality leads and sales.  We specialize in creating growth in ways that are evergreen (ongoing), produce high quality, highly relevant, and converting leads, while reducing costs.

What We Do

We increase conversions by using our own proprietary tools, ad networks such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Email Marketing Automation, data tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio, and our experience building and optimizing marketing funnels.

An Approach Built on Respect

Our approach is focused squarely on getting you the results you deserve. As such, when we engage with a customer, we typically engage with you in one of three primary ways:

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

We do not get paid until we deliver high quality, vetted leads for you. We setup and maintain the campaigns. We pay for the ad spend. You pay on a per lead basis up front.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

We do not get paid until you close the sale. We setup and maintain the campaigns, ad tracking, and funnels. You pay for the ad spend.

Cost Per Task (CPT)

If we are doing a task such as a tune up or a training, or building an application, we will do this type on a fixed price quote. Unless there is a need to revise the scope, we will not charge for any overage, ever.

Which model we use depends on your business and its current situation. In all models, the work we do for you is transparent--you see the ads, funnel content, email marketing templates, metrics and dashboards, tracking and tweaks, and more. You approve it all (it is your brand).

50+ Clients

No more than a dozen at a time. Our relationships are long standing and deep.

500,000+ Leads Generated

B2B, B2C, Non-profits, startups and established companies.

4 successful exits

The ultimate success for any entrepreneur is the successful sale of their business. We have been associated with 4 of them.

Our Process

Our approach to marketing is based on a sprint. Typically 1 week, we will commit and deliver all stages and be "in production" in 2 to 4 sprints.  Each stage is built to ensure we get the necessary information to target and execute effectively--a lead is only as good as its ability to convert to a sale.


Why Choose Us?

Track Record

Our team has a track record of success, and the experience to not be swayed by the latest, greatest fad.   We focus on understanding your business, rolling up our sleeves like a member of your team, to get the results you need.

Team-based "can do" Spirit

Our customers consistently tell us that it is like we are a member of their team. We focus on making sure we are always available to answer questions, give help and advice, and update you on the status of your project. 

Focused on Results

We are focused on results. Not on "soft metrics" like likes, follows, or shares. They are the byproducts of a lead generation campaign executed well. 

Shared Risk & Payment Structure

We share the risk with you, and work hand in hand. When you are successful, so are we! 

Implements Best Practices

We keep up to date on the latest in trends and technologies so that your system is always taking advantage of the latest trends. 

Highly Trained Professionals

Our expert team is highly trained, and managing multiple campaigns. These global insights ensure your campaigns are highly professional, look great, and get results.

Want more leads and sales?

Schedule a call and let's talk about it. We will give you frank advice, suggestions, and thoughts. No pressure!