One of the biggest challenges we have at Audienti is showing customers the “little benefits” of our approach to driving growth. There are so many ways our solution optimizes each little step of the process, squeezing every little bit out of the process to make you and your team as efficient as possible. But, in this one case, the benefit was so immediate and dramatic, I just had to share the story.

One of our customers in the B2C space was spending about $20k per month on PPC ads. While the ads were working, they were expensive. And, their spend had gone up almost 40% due to competition. Our original plan was to expand their marketing efforts around content, to drive organic traffic using well-crafted and content. We took their paid keywords and added them to Audienti so we could start building a list of topics and content that would match this audience.

What we found was a LOT of noise. Like the old keyword example of “jaguar” (is it a car, an animal, or a football team?), we found a many cases where we needed to “negative out” topics that weren’t a fit for their audience. This is where it gets weird: The negative keywords Audienti¬†found were NOT the same as the negative keywords they had on their existing campaign.


By detecting negative keywords from the mention stream, we identified a lot of excess noise that had gone unfiltered using traditional keyword research tools. Adding these negative keywords had an instant, dramatic impact. Without changing their conversion volume, we reduced the click-throughs by 35%. This had the impact of improving their quality score significantly, and their CPC dropped. Needless to say, they were pretty happy.


Their conversion rate increased by almost 50%. Over time, that was going to save them far more than the cost of our solution. But, it gets better! Using the pre-targeting capabilities of Audienti, we were able to identify Facebook custom audiences that were a better fit (based on their market niche). And, we were able to create campaigns in Facebook that had almost a 10% conversion rate. Before we got started on a great content marketing campaign, Audienti had dialed in a great PPC and social ads campaign for the customer.

We saved them thousands per month, and enabled Facebook Ads to work effectively for them for the first time. More importantly, we learned what was truly important to the customer. Obviously, your results will vary, and it might not work like this for everyone. But, at least for this customer, the happy accident on the way to a content strategy was a dramatic improvement in their PPC strategy.