We Generate Meetings. You Close More Deals.

Audienti finds prospects with our powerful AI, validates opportunity, and schedules appointments with your targeted ideal customer profile.


Support for other calendar systems is available. Reach out to support for information.

How does Appointment Setting as a Service work?

Audienti uses our AI + People powered platform to find targeted leads at the right time. Next, we customize specific, successful cadences for your business. Then, we do outreach on our behalf. It's scaleable, efficient, and seamless for your current team. We charge per appointment set. You don't pay for any leads.


We mutually define your ICP and Externally Visible Problem


We leverage Audienti's lead discovery to find and validate prospects


We build an engagement cadence across multiple channels with proven approaches


We book meetings on your calendar into approved time slots


We hand off the appointment to your sales team to make the sale

What's different about Audienti's Appointment Setting-as-a-Service

Using AI + manual validation and editing delivers a steady stream of highly relevant and engaged prospects.

Trigger-based workflow

We don't use stale databases. Instead, we use trigger-based workflow to find fresh prospects actively interested in your market.

ICP & problem validation

Better targeted prospects through problem validation ensures time and effort is more focused where it can produce results quickly.

SDR Takeover available

Once the solution is dialed in and operational, you can take it in-house. Our SDRs used can even be transferred to work for you instead of us.

Pick a Plan

Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel at anytime.

Higher plans are available with discount for as low as $350/appointment.