Engaging with your perfect buyer

… with the help of the perfect buyer archetypes! It is my firm belief that the trend in marketing is to move away from manipulative seller-buyer relationships to a more organic and healthy long-term marketing relationship. What do I mean by that? For quite some time now marketing has been all about triggering the right […]

4 Marketing Tasks You Should Not Automate

Marketing automation is considered a must-have component of any successful marketing mix in today’s marketing landscape. It comes with its challenges, of course, but when done right automation can give a marketing infrastructure the needed consistency to fully maximize all available marketing channels make an impression on customers and prospects. However, when incorporating marketing automation […]

Just Do It: Creating Action-Oriented Content Marketing

Empower Consumers An ideal marketing strategy is one that gets audiences moving. It creates consumer reactions and actions that benefit your business—whether that may be enhanced awareness and engagement, social sharing and online support, or purchasing. Effective messaging is vital to any strategic business plan, and this is where content marketing is your power move. Action-oriented content is based on […]

Reverse Engineering Marketing: Great Ideas from the Internet

ompany websites compete for niches in online markets. Only a small portion can get most of the attention. Website traffic shows a “winner-take-all effect”. All smaller, less active players lose against that winner. So most businesses aim for slower success in the “long tail”. For some startups and most lifestyle businesses, this is enough. But […]

Reddit Marketing: The 7 Tools Redditors Recommend

Img Source: Reddit.com Since its 2005 launch, Reddit has quickly become a haven for internet users seeking an alternative to traditional social media. Known for its array of interesting, quirky, and intelligent users, Reddit has also evolved into a place for honest opinions and discussions about everything under the sun. This, of course, includes marketing tools, […]