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At Growmance and through our Udemy courses, we have over 20,000 growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and other digital marketing professionals that spend their time figuring out the best ways to market their own products and services.

Occasionally, one of them will decide to share great tips, tricks, and ideas.  We share these here.


How we used Product Hunt to drive hundreds of new users (and counting)

By matthias.markus | Jan 28, 2020

Producthunt is a community of makers, early adopters, techies and just passionate product lovers who want to try cool new stuff. Why does this matter?    Because you need users. You need feedback. You need customers.    Producthunt is a 100% free way to drive hundreds (or even thousands) of new users to your site. …

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Getting Started With Keyword Research

By William Flanagan | Dec 16, 2016

Keyword research is identifying what words or phrases users are searching for that directly relate to your business or product. Finding the right keywords is a significant component for development. Until you find the keywords and phrases that your website needs to rank for, you cannot fully optimize your website to receive the appropriate amount…

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Social Media Metrics: Which Ones Matter?

By William Flanagan | Dec 14, 2016

There’s no shortage of software companies offering you ways to track your marketing successes. But what actually qualifies as a marketing success? Many companies tout their large Twitter following, voluminous content libraries, stacked Hootsuites, and robust Pinterest boards, yet most businesses fail to connect the dots between content production and lead generation. While your LOL…

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Learning From Competitor Mistakes

By William Flanagan | Dec 9, 2015

Are you tired of watching your competition beat you in sales, media, or visibility? Competition is a natural part of business, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on the losing side of it. We’ve already discussed adopting your competitor’s winning strategies as a way to save time in your marketing campaigns. But on…

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Spy on Your Competitors: Adopting Winning Strategies

By William Flanagan | Dec 7, 2015

Our growth hacker wrote the thorough and extensive guide “How to Spy on Your Competitors .” In it, he describes the manual way one could go about putting together a competitive analysis. Audienti automates this entire process, delivering you up-to-date intel on what your competitors are doing. But now what? Having a competitive analysis means…

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Building Your First Content Calendar

By William Flanagan | Dec 2, 2015

A content calendar is a resource that marketing teams use and collaborate on to plan all content marketing activity. The calendar layout is a more effective and organized way of planning content because you can visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year, as opposed to if you were just to have a list…

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Discovering Winnable Terms with Keyword Research

By William Flanagan | Nov 19, 2015

While keyword research isn’t the sexiest of marketing tasks, it’s an essential part of maximizing your resources in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Obviously, ranking for the right keywords related to your product or offering is like finding your marketing sweet spot. Researching your keywords tells you exactly how to grow your audience, by giving you insight…

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Keyword Research for a Social Media Marketer

By William Flanagan | Nov 18, 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard of this so-called “keyword research” process. Learning how to effectively execute keyword research is essential to social media marketing success. But what really is keyword research and how do you go about it? It’s not as daunting as it sounds. If you’ve ever heard of market research, keyword research is virtually…

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Tackling B2B Content Marketing on a Budget

By William Flanagan | Aug 14, 2015

B2B content marketing can very well be an expensive venture; this perception perpetuated by content marketing megastars like RedBull, who have massive marketing budgets and tons of resources. However, rolling in the dough is not an essential trait for a company or marketer looking to set up an excellent content marketing plan. If you are…

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