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At Growmance and through our Udemy courses, we have over 20,000 growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and other digital marketing professionals that spend their time figuring out the best ways to market their own products and services.

Occasionally, one of them will decide to share great tips, tricks, and ideas.  We share these here.


Automating a Content Inventory

By William Flanagan | Oct 8, 2014

Some websites have tens of thousands of pages, each with its own set of text, images, documents, and applications. How can you systematically make sure every page is up-to-date and has high-quality content that represents your brand well? The answer is simple: perform a content inventory.

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Decision Journeys

By William Flanagan | Oct 3, 2014

There is no such thing as an impulse buy. Every purchase is a decision journey, and customers interact with various brands every step of the way, from initial consideration to the moment of payment and beyond.

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Creating Dynamic Landing Pages

By William Flanagan | Sep 19, 2014

A landing page is built with one highly specific target in mind: getting visitors to complete an action. This includes filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, etc. In order to convince people to click that button or do the action you want them to do, you want to build an…

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