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At Growmance and through our Udemy courses, we have over 20,000 growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and other digital marketing professionals that spend their time figuring out the best ways to market their own products and services.

Occasionally, one of them will decide to share great tips, tricks, and ideas.  We share these here.


Four Marketing Tasks You Should Not Automate

By William Flanagan | Jul 7, 2015

Marketing automation is considered a must-have component of any successful marketing mix in today’s marketing landscape. It comes with its challenges, of course, but when done right automation can give a marketing infrastructure the needed consistency to fully maximize all available marketing channels make an impression on customers and prospects. However, when incorporating marketing automation…

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Political Marketing and Its Role at the Poll

By William Flanagan | Jul 2, 2015

While it’s nice to think that our voting decisions are based purely on how well the platforms of each of the candidates aligns with our own individual set of beliefs and values, it is far more likely that our ballots are cast based on the outcomes of carefully targeted and optimized political marketing campaigns. Initially,…

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Overcoming Common Marketing Funnel Automation Hurdles

By William Flanagan | Jun 29, 2015

The concept of marketing funnel automation has been around for decades. In the 80s, for example, instead of being added to an email campaign, marketers would enroll prospectives into snail mail campaigns if the prospectives completed a certain action, such as signing up for a cassette tape auto-pay/ship program. Today, technology has taken that same…

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Just Do It: Creating Action-Oriented Content Marketing

By William Flanagan | Jun 24, 2015

Empower Consumers An ideal marketing strategy is one that gets audiences moving. It creates consumer reactions and actions that benefit your business—whether that may be enhanced awareness and engagement, social sharing and online support, or purchasing. Effective messaging is vital to any strategic business plan, and this is where content marketing is your power move. Action-oriented content is based…

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The 10 Content Marketing Commandments

By William Flanagan | Jun 23, 2015

Follow these 10 Content Marketing Commandments to ensure content marketing success at your shop: Thou Shalt Listen Content marketing success entails more listening and less talking than traditional outbound marketing strategies. Join online conversations where your target audience is present and read their content. This tactic will help you learn and understand what’s important to…

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Content… 100 Years in the Future

By William Flanagan | Jun 18, 2015

The future is an exciting, ambiguous landscape stretching endlessly before us. It is hard to say what the future will bring, yet we humans still try to predict, with wide-eyed wonder, what it holds in store for us. When this train of thought is applied to the realm of marketing, it is hard not to…

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Expand Your Content for Successful Social Engagement

By William Flanagan | Jun 16, 2015

Social media marketing is all about engagement. Engaging effectively with your target audience and secondary audiences is the best way to build organic connections and relationships with prospects, brand champions, and social media influencers. Unfortunately, a common mistake in social media marketing is to focus solely on sharing promotional content. This is understandable, considering most…

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Five Common Content Marketing Misconceptions

By William Flanagan | Jun 12, 2015

You probably wouldn’t take advice on buying a home from someone who has never purchased one themselves… or ask for a meatloaf recipe from a friend who you know only uses their oven as extra storage space. So why are so many misconceptions about content marketing being perpetuated by non-marketing professionals and taken seriously? Here…

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Content and the Buyer Journey

By William Flanagan | Jun 8, 2015

The buyer’s journey is the process by which a potential consumer actively researches a product or service prior to making a purchase. For obvious reasons, gaining access to potential buyers during this process is a goal of most marketers, since the ability to influence customers during their buyer journey could very well lead to new…

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