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At Growmance and through our Udemy courses, we have over 20,000 growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and other digital marketing professionals that spend their time figuring out the best ways to market their own products and services.

Occasionally, one of them will decide to share great tips, tricks, and ideas.  We share these here.


5 Steps to Breaking Down Marketing Silos

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Aug 27, 2015

Business Dictionary defines the “Silo Mentality” as a mindset present when certain departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company. Goin on to point out that [t]his type of mentality will reduce efficiency in the overall operation, reduce morale, and may contribute to the demise of a productive…

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SEO 101 – Is SEO Dead?

By audienti | Aug 26, 2015

  So I’m sure right now you’re asking yourself, “Isn’t SEO dead?” Let me respond by asking you how many times have you used Google today, and how many times are you going to use it tomorrow? Check out our SEO 101 and decide for yourself. While it’s not 1995 anymore, SEO still carries its…

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Tackling B2B Content Marketing on a Budget

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Aug 14, 2015

B2B content marketing can very well be an expensive venture; this perception perpetuated by content marketing megastars like RedBull, who have massive marketing budgets and tons of resources. However, rolling in the dough is not an essential trait for a company or marketer looking to set up an excellent content marketing plan. If you are…

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Measuring Up: Applying Predictive Analytics to Up the Ante

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Aug 13, 2015

Scientists don’t draw conclusions without empirical research; verdicts are not made without evidence; and by the same token, business practices should also be data-driven. If you play your cards right, assessing predictive metrics and content KPIs can strengthen the different elements of your marketing mix. Free download: Before embarking on a massive SEO overhaul, make sure your website’s…

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Five Marketing Metrics to Master

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Aug 6, 2015

Just like you go to the doctor for your annual physical, your marketing plan requires consistent check-ups to ensure that it’s healthy and running like smoothly. Regular testing is one way to ensure that all of your tools and systems are working properly, but another great way to gauge the health of your marketing is…

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Clout of the Cloud

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Aug 6, 2015

With any novel technology comes its promises and pitfalls. It may have taken some a while to work out the unforeseen flaws and kinks of the cloud … but over time cloud-based technology has taken the digital marketing world by storm. According to a recent Forbes article, 47% of marketing departments will have 60% or…

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How Marketers Can Leverage Project Management Workflow Tools

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Aug 3, 2015

Project management (PM) – a skillset many marketers will openly admit they have very little patience for and very little experience in. Because of this, marketers (who tend to be on the more creative side of the scale) can often dismiss project management as time-consuming and unnecessary – a function best suited for web or…

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Email Marketing Growth Strategies for Leadgen

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Jul 30, 2015

Email marketing—it isn’t sexy but it is a necessary element of modern marketing best practices. Are your email campaigns coming up little short on the number expected responses lately? Check out these sure-fire tips to get your emails read. Free Download: Want to manage your marketing automation like an expert? Download our free toolkit, Don’t…

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Are Startups the New Garage Bands?

By Quin Woodward-Pu | Jul 28, 2015

Young people are the future. Kids, teens, and young adults (20s) in today’s society are generally more educated and worldlier than any generation before them, thanks in large part to the Internet and an increasingly competitive educational and career atmosphere. These young people have grown up with technology always being a part of their lives,…

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