Application Development



  • $1MM+ in incremental revenue
  • Commercial launch of their product
  • Multiple additional customers


Our client is a non-profit startup, that through a partnership with various Ivy League universities, had numerous grants to execute.

As the "technical" component to executing the grants, they had a number of different applications that needed to be built to engage with a target audience: both through SMS, as well as with iOS and Android applications. All of the applications delivered content, and interacted with the subscribers to provide support.

The client reached out to Audienti because their current application foundation--while operational, was flaky and had a lot of problems. It was inflexible, and did not match their needs long term. In addition, they needed to be able to convert the application to a commercial-ready application they could be proud to sell.


After understanding the issue, Audienti got to work building an API-based foundational system that could deliver their needs.

The system included a chatbot creation system that had ability to create dynamic chat flows, including responding to common customer needs.  The system could communicate over multiple channels, such as SMS, API, or Facebook.  And, it had a nice, easy to use UI, for their customers to configure--ensuring enjoyable customer-app interactions.

Second, we built iOS and Android applications that are interfaced to the same API-based foundation. You could configure and use the same application across multiple channels. The iOS and Android applications also provided additional features and capabilities not available through the SMS channel.

Through the process, we also leveraged our 10+ years experience in VC-funded startups directly with their executive team, acting as a "virtual CMO and CTO" so that they could focus on what they did best.


Through availability of the application, they were able to secure additional grants totaling more than $1MM+ in incremental revenue.

They were also able to reach their goal of commercialization of their technology, selling products directly through app stores, and gaining additional customers.

Next Steps

Make your application reality! We help you turn your ideas into a real product. And, we always build and deploy applications through the app stores and online with an eye to commercial viability and profitability.

DIY'er? Cool.

No problem. Let's get you on the path to success. Our founder has built out a simple template you can use to think through your idea and make sure you have considered all the things that you need to be successful in your app.

Chat with William about it.

William has been involved with 4 successful exits generating $300+ million (USD) in proceeds for owners.  We know how to build a product and take it to market. Our engagements for application development start at ~$3,500 USD.  But, even if this is not in your budget, feel free to reach out. We are happy to guide you and discuss.. without ANY pressure.

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