B2B Appointment Setting



  • 300% increase in brand mentions, increasing share of voice
  • 6X increase in appointments
  • 2X increase in closed customers


Our client is a B2B-focused high tech startup that was focused on getting their innovative product out to the market.

The client approached Audienti because their sales team was not booking enough appointments. In addition, many of the appointments that were generated were not with the right level of decision-maker, and were not resulting in any business.


After working with the team to identify their strengths, we went to work building solutions to convert their website traffic into leads.

We set up lead funnels that provided opportunities for their website traffic to convert into leads.  In addition, we implemented lead scoring so that the sales team could engage at just the right time.

We also built a micro-targeting campaign leveraging database marketing and remarketing to target prospects by title.


We grew brand visibility by 300%+ in 3 months.

In addition, there was a 6X increase in appointments booked by prospects. This resulted in a more than 200% increase in the close rate by the sales team.

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