Our client is a B2B-focused technology products company that provides a range of solutions related to real estate solutions.

The client engaged with Audienti because they needed help to regain a dominant position in the industry. In the last few years, an underinvestment in marketing, combined with increased investment of their competitors, made them feel that they were losing ground with superior products.

In addition, there had been several changes in team and leadership recently, and the new team needed some wins to secure additional marketing and investments in the new plan.


Our approach consisted of a three-pronged attack:

  1. raise awareness of the client's solutions on identified sites, leveraging GDN.
  2. Identify and engage key influencers and communities.
  3. Improve search engine factors that were limiting traffic growth.

In addition, we optimized their online presence, educated on current best practices for SEO, and set up Google Analytics to ensure the information necessary for them to make data-driven digital marketing decisions was available and easy to access.


We grew traffic volume 346% in 3 months and increased leads by over 150% over the same period..

In addition, there was dramatic growth in online conversations about the brand.  People were talking about the company again, visiting the site, and expressing interest in their products.

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