Community Building

Examples of some of the situations and outcomes from working with Audienti



  • Email grown by over 100k subscribers
  • Over 20k enthusiasts educated on technologies
  • Active community engaged and running today


Our client is a startup that had a product tied to a strong community environment.

While they were early in development, they still needed to start building a community around their products and services--so when time came to launch, they would be established as a brand.

They had a small team, and little internal resources to dedicate to execution. They also were not sure how to go about building a community from the ground up.


Our approach consisted of two components: the community itself, and community-building.

For the community itself, we leveraged a "learn and chat" model. For the client, we built training courses that would provide needed tutorials in various components related to their niche.  These were then distributed as courses to major learning sites where people could easily find and take the training.

As part of the training required additional resources, the "takers" of the training were directed to the client's website, where they had to sign up to the client's email marketing system.

The customer was then given access to a Slack community where we maintained an ongoing chat and community.


The client was able to train and educate over 20,000 people using this approach. In addition, through the secondary benefit of regularly engaging with their target audience, their product has improved dramatically in a relatively short time.

Lastly, it is now easy to engage prospects, get feedback about upcoming features, and support a community of like minded people that give advice and feedback.

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