Increasing Credit Card Signups



  • Reduced per application cost by 27%
  • Improved conversation rates


Our client was a major company that provided benefits for a group of constituents, including credit cards with preferential rates.

As we engaged with the customer, it became clear that their traditional approach of a pure Google PPC campaign was not producing great results:  their cost per acquisition was extremely high compared to industry averages, and they were experiencing a declining total number of applicants.

In addition, the organization needed to promote other key benefits within their communities. There was a lot of pressure internally to make these efforts "pay off", and so the timeframe for execution was tight.


We quickly found that their Google PPC account was not well optimized.

Conversion tracking was not installed, so they were unable to clearly see what keywords were working, and which were not. In addition, there was no secondary/remarketing being done to try to increase the "goodput" of the funnel.

We further tuned the campaign by segmenting, split testing ads, and optimizing landing pages.

In addition, we implemented a hyper-targeting campaign to target relevant prospects.


We reduced the cost of an application by 27%. We were also able to put in place a methodology that continues to be used today to optimize their campaigns.

For hyper-targeted campaigns, 8 of the 10 campaigns produced conversion rates of greater than 10%.

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