Nonprofit Membership Growth



  • Organic traffic growth of 760%+ in 1 year
  • Ranking above .org and .gov domains for industry terms
  • More than $1MM+ in incremental revenues from events
  • 25% growth in recurring memberships


Our client is a non-profit membership organization that provides membership, 100+ events, advocacy, and an annual conference.

While they had been wildly successful, their membership numbers did not show it: their membership had been flat for years.

So, the client engaged with Audienti to increase program awareness in their target market, to grow memberships, and to increase overall awareness of their brand to help as the organization engaged with legislators on behalf of their constituents.


Many things had to change for this client.

To make this effort as simple as possible, we rebuilt their websites from scratch, installed a CRM system, and created a centralized "store of truth."  In addition, we integrated all email marketing, event registration and onsite management, and even donations into a single system.

Of course, we also implemented Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as Data Studio, to provide strategic decision makers (and funders) information to justify continued investments.


We grew organic traffic 760%+ in 1 year.

And, even more important to this organization, they were ranking above Wikipedia for common "definition" terms in their industry.

And, lastly, they experienced a spike in membership growth which increased their attendance at their conference--generating more than $1MM+ in incremental revenue.

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