What You’re Losing Without a Content Calendar

What are you losing by not having a content calendar? Everything a content marketer needs. Traffic is important for the marketer to expose their content. Content calendars organize key topics and become a drawing board for post ideas to assign tasks for the team. Considering content marketing requires strategic placement of content, a calendar is a great way to get an overview of how the content is being used. This allows the marketer to understand how important the content is to the topic and whether it should be posted that week.

Publishing consistently will generate a regular flow of traffic and keep the team on the same page. The calendar will become a base for the team to refer to which will refocus the content. If a team member thinks there could be an improvement, then they can see when content is being published and communicate with the team. Each week the traffic should be analyzed and re schedule based on theme and content revisions. Understand communication is highly valuable because a team member may want to share information that could benefit the content and traffic. Editions to the content should be reviewed by all members of the team to ensure that it is accurate and doesn’t contain errors.

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Content marketing has overtaken old school SEO methods as a way to achieve visibility. A content calendar will prevent useless and excessive content because the content can be seen in small and large scale.

First analyze who the audience is for the content and how you are going to solve their problems. Outline what kind of questions they are going to be looking for and how you are going to give them answers. Figure out who on your team is going to handle this and their role for the content. For instance, what the content is going to look like and what forms of media such as video or audio are going to be used.

The content will have a theme and the visuals need to reflect this in color and how the content is presented. Connecting social media to your content will send your work to other interfaces and could potentially drive traffic if your social media has active followers. A content calendar can develop a personality for your content if it is consistent and focuses on the same topic. This is because your content begins to take shape to the image it is developing every week.

Content calendars are a great way for content marketers to get an overview of their work and generate new ideas. These calendars map out the work and allow the user to organize the content as they would like to. High quality content will generate traffic, content calendars make this possible.

Edwin Richter

Quintern Audienti.

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