Creating Dynamic Landing Pages

A landing page is built with one highly specific target in mind: getting visitors to complete an action. This includes filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, etc. In order to convince people to click that button or do the action you want them to do, you want to build an enticing landing page. Being attentive to the design and content of it can give you the traffic and conversions you desire.

So how do you create dynamic landing pages?

1. Attractive information architecture

2. A clear call to action

3. Engaging, personable content that promotes the action

It’s as simple as that. Your landing page should have a clear, crisp design with simple navigation, eye-catching headlines, and engaging copy. Keep your content short and simple. It should only promote the desired action and stick to explaining the benefits of performing this action. The goal is to funnel visitors down a desired pathway, and the process should be as simple as one click.

Don’t limit yourself to creating just one static landing page for your audience. Specific landing pages should be tailored to different offers to drive conversions with a targeted message that matches each user’s need. In this way, you know that you’re targeting the right people with the right offer that interests them and caters to their needs and desires.

It also doesn’t hurt to test your landing pages to see if they effectively drive visitors to take a desired action. Testing landing pages is a crucial technique in professional online marketing. Not only does it provide insight into your target market, but it can help you focus your messaging in the future.

William Flanagan

CEO & Founder, Audienti. Former VP-Cognio, Founder-sentitO/Verso, SALIX/Tellabs, PrimaryAccess/3Com, CompuServe. Expert in data-driven marketing.

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