Training: Team Project Management

Leverage to build a productivity operating system for your business.

Keywords: Project management,, Team Project Mangement, Sprints, OKRs

10+ years of marketing agency experience. 10+ years (4 exits) of VC-funded startup experience. Dad. Musician. Coffee-lover. E-bike aficionado.

Skills Gained configuration, Project management, Team management, Automatic reporting, Sprints, Dashboards, Metrics, OKRs.

What you will learn

  • How to manage project and products with teams
  • How to improve team clarity and focus
  • You’ll minimize necessary meetings while all team members stay focused on what’s next
  • You’ll align work with the key results you’re trying to achieve
  • Forecasting will improve
  • Remote teams will feel more accountable to each other for results

Included in course

  • Shareable certification certificate
  • 100% online course
  • Self-paced course
  • Beginner experience level
  • Approximately 2 days to complete
  • In English (US speaker with a neutral accent)
  • Video format, with readable transcript
  • Access to the dedicated Notion Training Growmance Slack channel to ask questions and get feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete this course?

The course content is about 4 hours. If you go through the course end to end, configuring as you go, it will take you approximately 8 hours. You can reasonably knock it out in a weekend if you’re in a hurry. Most people will take a couple of weeks to get through all the materials.

What format is the content?

The format is mostly screen shared training.

I also transcribe the content and make this available on the page, so you can read along (I think it helps with reinforcing the content).

There are also templates and other resources that are made available for you through the course and the templates.

Does this course cover the basics of

No, it does not. But, if you’ve watched any YouTube videos, or did any sort of work in Notion, you’ll do just fine.

How often is this course updated?

I am updating the template when changes or improvement to occur.

As we make improvement to our own internal systems, I duplicate these into the shared templates.

As Notion adds and improves capabilities we make video updates as well. These happen less often, but our intention is to keep this system up with the current capabilities of Notion.

How long will I have access to the training course?

You’ll have access to the course for the course’s lifetime.

How does the material differ from what's on YouTube or TikTok?

So, the best way I can think of to describe the difference is this: the content on Notion in YouTube is generic, it’s designed to cover generic situations that you might encounter while using Notion.

Our approach in this course is VERY opinionated, and built around how must startups and high-growth agile companies function.

What is the Growmance Slack community?

Growmance is a Slack community that we started 5+ years ago focused around Growth Hacking and marketing.

Even if you’re not a marketer, there’s a lot of startup culture, productivity hacks, and other information shared by a group of almost 10k+ tech savvy members (hopefully like yourself soon).

Growmance doesn’t require you to take any courses. You can join for free, and participate in the community.

But, as a member of this course, you’ll have access to a private Slack channel just for questions and support.

What is your refund policy?

We call our policy the “Good and Honest People” policy.

As soon as you get access to the course, you have access to everything we provide–training, templates, etc.

If, after receiving all the materials and primary value of the course, you decide that you need a refund, we will provide it.

The only request we make is that you provide us good and honest feedback about why you need a refund.