Get highly researched and vetted prospects delivered to your CRM daily.

Audienti's trigger-based, manually validated leads produce better results than database or scraped leads. Get more sales with less effort.


Support for other CRMs is available. Reach out to support for information.

Take the hassle out of giving your SDR teams fresh outbound leads.

Using AI + manual validation and editing delivers a steady stream of highly relevant and engaged prospects.

Trigger-based selection delivers fresh, relevant leads and the reason for engagement, every day.

Unlike leads gathered from a database, Audienti's leads are gathered from trigger events. Triggers deliver people more actively engaged in the topic RIGHT NOW.  We support the following triggers today:

  • Mention-based. We heard them talking about a topic relevant to our industry and space.
  • Relationship-based. They have a public relationship with an individual or organization that’s relevant to our business.
  • Event-based. They attended an event that indicates they’re interested in the topic.
  • Interest-based. They’ve shared something that indicates interest in a particular topic that is relevant to your business.
  • Role-based. They have a role at a company that is more likely to be interested in your solutions.
  • Demographic-based. They’re likely to like or have interest in something based on their similarity to other people.

Powerful segmentation capabilities filter prospects to match your ideal customer profile.

Automated segmentation filters the raw stream of prospects based on your specific criteria. There are too many options to list, but for context, some of the filters that can be used are:

  • Job title or role. Find prospects that are in a particular role or seniority level.
  • Mention-based. Social accounts mention one or more topic or topic groups.
  • Sentiment. Mentions of topics are positive or negative.
  • Intent score. Their mentions indicate topics or interest with a higher intent score than a normal conversation, about at topic.
  • Channel-specific. Audienti has found a particular channel for enagement (email, phone, TikTok), etc.
  • Influencer metrics. Followers count. Number of mentions matching topics in the project, etc.

In addition, the system fully supports AND/OR conditions, as well as any negative conditions. This ensures that the automated system delivers a tightly controlled list of prospect that specifically match your criteria.

Manual additional enrichment & validation goes beyond AI to ensure the right fit for your business.

In projects with Audienti, we jointly define an externally visible problem that is used to further filter prospects. This problem works with engagement to help validate the reason for contact. In addition, this further filters the prospect pool so that SDRs are spending time targeting prospects that have an identifiable need for your services.

When combined with other filters, your SDR or outreach team has a unique reason and channel to reach the prospect, and validation that the prospect is likely to need your product or service.

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