API Authentication

Last Updated: 12 May 2021

Audienti has support for APIs right out of the box for any plan. There are two methods for authenticating yourself to the API service: Username and password to receive a token, and Bearer token authentication.

Bearer Token Authentication

Bearer token authentication is the simplest authentication to setup. In the app, go to your picture in the top right corner, click the picture to show the dropdown menu, and select “API Tokens.” <INSERT PICTURE> Create a new token for the service will use connecting Audienti to. Hit save, and you will have a new token available for use.

You can test the token by calling the /api/v1/me.json path.

GET /api/v1/me.json HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer Mj4RBjNKH2bkCMDGREPdih29
Connection: close

Email and Password Authentication

This method is primarily used to get a token for use in the bearer method above. To get this token, you will POST a request to the /api/v1/auth path with two parameters: email and password. If successful, your response will be a JSON response that includes a token parameter. This token is a personal token that is viewable in the API Tokens section described above.

Once you have tokens available, you can continue onto making API calls using Audienti.