Getting Started

When you enter into the system, you will see a list of mentions. These are public mentions that stream into the system from various public accounts. This will give you an overview and feel of what the raw data coming into the system look like.

On a day-to-day basis, you will be working with your own data, configured with your own keywords. You will do this through the PROJECTS menu.


To see a list of your projects, click on the hamburger on the left side of the screen. On the dropdown, you will see the list of your current projects. You can also add new projects here.


Across the top bar of the projects page, you have the following elements/locations:

  • The BACK arrow gives you the ability to jump back to the previous page you viewed.
  • The INFORMATION icon takes you to the help and documentation page. It will direct you to the help pages such as tips and tricks and best practices.
  • The NOTIFICATION bell will show you when there is a notification available for you. You will see a little blue dot on the top right side to let you know that you have an unread notification.
  • The PROFILE icon is your account menu. It will show your avatar as well as other menu items such as creating company accounts. Company accounts have the ability to have multiple users. You can invite a user to your company account. The billing goes through the company account, not your personal account.


There are several elements to the individual projects dashboard.

The KEYWORDS tab contains the keywords that you have defined. This gives you the ability to define in the system what information you want. It tells the system what interests you. The system then produces a raw data stream based on the keywords defined.

You will have thousands of mentions that come from the keywords that you defined. A MENTION is a mention of the keyword. It comes from all sorts of sources on the Web, from news sites to review sites to social sites. Audienti has its own crawling technology, so it is not dependent on any APIs. You do need to connect your Twitter or Instagram account to the system. The system handles that in the backend. You can go in and look at each individual mention and get details about it. You can then add that individual mention to a list. This list is like saving interesting people, companies, or mentions.

You can have several lists. You can add a mention to a specific mention list. The system takes a copy of this mention and moves them over to the list. You can find all your lists in the LISTS tab.

You can sort the mentions by people and companies. A mention goes through a process called enrichment. Enrichment is the system trying to find more contact networks for them.

This is an example of an enriched people card. You can see that the system found three different social networks for them.

As of our last count, we have 882 different social networks covered. Audienti’s enrichment is robust.

One key feature of the application is you will deal with the people behind the social account. You can reach out to these people on different ad networks. It is much better than reaching out to them through a single Twitter channel. You can see this in the PEOPLE & COMPANIES tab.

The system has the ability to filter all your information to people only or companies only.

SEGMENTS is a saved search. You can go search through the segments for mentions or prospects (they are the parent of a mention). It may either be a person or a company.

Conditions are the criteria you want to match to list a mention. You can put one or multiple values in the conditions. You can use the OR condition type to indicate that any one of the conditions that you added will suffice. The use of AND means you have to fulfill all conditions to include the mention in the list.

You can also use the SEARCH toolbar for mentions. When you are inside a project, it will search the mentions within that project. If you are in the home page search, it will search the main feed.