The Hierarchy

Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:01] Welcome to Audienti. To get the most out of your onboarding experience, we’re going to keep this light quick and simple.

[00:06] The entire Audienti platform is organized into a hierarchy, so you can break down your work into easily managed groups.

[00:12] The components of the hierarchy from top to bottom are:

  • Accounts
  • Projects
  • Keywords
  • And the River

[00:19] Think of the account like your office building or shop. All work happens in an account. When you signed up, we created a personal account for you automatically and you might have to set up a brand account as well. When you invite other team members, you’ll invite them to an account. Other people can’t access your personal or brand accounts unless you invite them. Within accounts, there are projects.

[00:40] Projects are essentially collections of tracked keywords. A project can be a campaign, a client, or an initiative. Really, it can be whatever you want. However you work, it should match up. But, generally, a project has a longer term of more than a month. Net-net if it’s something you focus on. In Audienti, it’s a project.

[00:59] Next projects contain keywords. Even though we call it a keyword, it doesn’t have to be one word. In fact, it should be a phrase that you think your prospects will mention on the Web. Think of a keyword as a beacon for identifying prospects. Ding-ding talking over here, ding-ding talking over there. It identifies conversations that are related to well the keyword.

  • Let’s do an example, in my branded account for AwesomeCo we have a client J&J Widgets. So I created a project for J&J Widgets. In the J&J Widgets project, I create a keyword j&j widgets to track their brand mentions and evil competitor to track their main competitor’s mentions.

[01:39] And this brings me to the River. The River is the mentions that are identified by Audienti. As we look for mentions of the keywords in the project, it’s made up of mentions but I’m getting ahead of myself.

[01:50] In our next video, we’ll cover where the daily work happens, the river segments and lists. See you there.