The River

Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:01] Welcome back. In this video, we’ll walk through the Raw Data Audienti produces and projects and what you can do with it. We call this the river. Let’s get to it.

[00:09] The river is the stream of mentions that we get from the keywords you’ve added to your project. This mentions stream comes from all over the Internet, not only social media, forums, discussion groups, blog posts, news stories, YouTube videos, you name it. And it’s updated daily.

[00:25] Every mention has two parts.

  • The content of the mention and the profile that produce the mention
  • Mentions can be many different content types, pictures, text based, even video. In the app you can see the mentions we found and with one click you can visit the mentions source directly.
  • The other part of a mention is its profile. The profile is author that we found for the mention. It’s usually a social media account or a link to a profile by author page. If we can’t find a specific bio, we’ll use a publisher bio based on the site where we found the mention.
  • For profiles, we find attributes like the author’s bio name, follower count and other details.

[01:03] So to review a mention contains the content of the mention and the author’s profile. Good so far?

[01:08] OK, now let’s talk about something game changing. In Audienti, we take each mention profile we find and take it through a process called enrichment.

  • Enrichment tries to find other profiles from the same person or company using A.I. When we find one, we attach it to the original profile. We group them together and build a more rich view of that prospect.

[01:30] In Audienti, you can see all the prospects we found on the project prospects tab.

  • So now you can identify a person that mentions something on a blog and engage them on Twitter.
  • You can find a Facebook post and then engage on Ticktock.

[01:43] It’s designed to save you time and give you more ways to build engagement with your prospects.

[01:47] So in conclusion, Audienti gives you two views of the river:

  • Mentions where you can see individual mentions that match your keywords from around the web and prospects where you can see profiles of people talking about your keywords.

[02:00] Every day you get new mentions and new prospects to engage.

[02:04] And remember, they recently talked about your keywords so they’re much more likely to engage.

[02:09] Wrapping your head around the river is the most complicated part of Audienti.

[02:13] So now the hardest part is over. Pat yourself on the back and get yourself a drink.

[02:18] In our final video, we’ll look at how to save yourself time, cut noise and make your efforts laser focused. We do this with segments and lists. I’ll see you there.