Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:01] When you first sign up, you get a personal account and in the onboarding process, you actually have the option to set up a business account or a brand account.

  • And if you have done that, you’ll see that here.
  • If not, creating an account is simple.
    • Simply click, create an account, give the account a name. If you want to upload a picture, that will be your avatar for this account, click this. Otherwise click create account.

[00:34] You’ll notice that your account was successfully switched and now you are in this account, you now have the option of going back to your personal account, switching to your personal account, or maintaining or going to your business account or brand account.

[00:54] Your plan in terms of subscriptions can either be a brand account or your personal account. The thing to understand is that your personal account, you can’t invite other people to, you can only invite other people to a brand account.

[01:13] So, again, just to kind of summarize here. Your account you can get to and you’ll see them here, you’re in your personal account now. If you want to look to your business account for your brand account, you do that by clicking here.