Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:01] The dashboard is where you land when you first log into the application.

[00:05] There’s two different views you’ll have here, depending on whether you’ve created projects or not.

  • If you haven’t created projects, then what you’ll see here in the dashboard is the most recently updated general news that we have in the system that we publish basically make available for anyone you want to use this kind of like a news app.
  • If you have created a project and you have access to projects, you will see the feed from all the projects you have created in the system aggregated into this dashboard page.

[00:42] To get around, you have a few different options.

  • At the top here, you have basically the list where you can go to see the list of projects that you have.
  • Your most recent projects will be listed right here and then you can click here to create a new project.
  • This section is basically the history, it shows where you’ve recently been and it allows you to kind of quickly jump back to a particular mentioned prospect section of the application.

[00:013] Again, kind of as a quick easy. This is in lieu of like a breadcrumb you would have across the top.

  • This is to jump to the documentation. So we had documentation implemented on the public website, and this will get you to the overview section there.
  • If you have any notifications, the system will put a little red dot here and show you notifications in your system.
  • And then lastly, this is a drop-down menu where you can access your profile, password, billing information, API tokens, any additional brand accounts you’ve set up. You want to see these, which are administrative and they’re basically what we use.
  • And then the legal things which are basically about the privacy terms just to legalese that has to happen.

[02:10] So you can access these, this will be available on every page.

[02:14] And then lastly, if you have questions or issues, you need to talk to someone you can jump to live help and talk with someone, chat with someone about the system, questions you have or things that you need to get started.