Last Updated: 12 April 2022

Currently, conversational intents beyond discussions are only supported for American English.

In Audienti, conversational intent types are one of the tools we use to drill down on the stream to find the perfect prospects.

At the highest level, the entire stream is full of “discussions.” Every mention is part of this discussion.

In addition to discussions, Audienti supports the following conversational intent types:

  • Applying or Registering  – expressing that they are signing up for something
  • Asking Question – asking questions about something
  • Buying – stating that they are buying or have recently purchased
  • Comments Available – Indicates looking for comments
  • Complaining – Complaining about something
  • Contact Request – Requesting contact (often reporters or journalists)
  • Coupon Submit – Offers place to submit a coupon
  • Frustration or Worry – Expressing frustration or worry
  • Help Requested – Asking for help or advice
  • Hiring – Discussing looking for candidates for a job posting
  • Listing – Listing out steps, actions, or items
  • Offering – Offering something or soliciting
  • RFP – Indicates that there’s an RFP or RFQ available for response
  • Scheduling or Planning – Expressing intent to plan or schedule something
  • Searching For – Looking for something
  • Submission Requested – Looking for people to submit something
  • Wishing or Wanting – Expressing desire to want or do something in the future