Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:02] In the keyword section, you can see your list of keywords that you’ve identified and you can add additional keywords.

[00:08] Here you have your list of keywords that ordered alphabetically. Another thing, though, that we have in here is we have additional data for you that’s helpful.

[00:18] This is the number of searches that we found in Google. This is basically what Google reports is the number of searches. This is the competition level, as reported by SEMrush. This is the cost per click estimate, according to SEMrush. This is the number of mentions over the last seven days and 30 days that we’ve identified for this keyword in the project. Where a project is new and the keyword was recently added, these two numbers will be the same.

[00:53] So until you get past seven days or so. So, really not much to tell here to create a new keyword. You add the keyword name and yet create keyword, and that’s all you really need to do. It’s super simple.