Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:01] Let’s take a look at the mentions area within a project.

[00:05] The mentions are brought in, in the order that we find them, so we’ve recently found this mentioned.

  • Will list the category here news and whether the sentiment we detected was neutral, positive or negative.
  • You can see the location and if you click on this screen link, it’ll take you directly to the article in question. You can click on the blue at the top and it will take you to our view of this, you can see it’s for the term Vegan Pizza text and contains what this basically means is it contains the word vegan and contains the word pizza, but they’re not together like vegan pizza. With this came from a news media site and it had this this hash tag in it.

[01:01] At the bottom, you’ll see one of two things.

  • You either see a profile with something with some various links and a description, or you’ll see this red indicator. What this means is that we haven’t yet processed this from a different perspective. We’re gathering data for this this profile in order to build a Prospect profile. So that will be coming shortly. And basically, as it processes through the system, it will be there.

[01:33] These phrases are interesting phrases that we found in the mentioned text itself. Likely other things that are available for sale at this probably, it looks like might be a restaurant.

[01:47] If you’re going through something you can do is you can click next mention and go to the next mention, the next mention, the next page mention. Basically and then you can perform actions on them directly by clicking here and adding them to your list, any list that you’ve created that you want to build.

[02:07] And then you can go right on to the next mention. So that’s the process by which you can review mentions kind of what’s new and updated so that and potentially add them to lists.