Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:01] So prospects are the people or companies we’ve identified who are doing the mentioning of the keywords that you have in your project.

[00:11] On this list, what you’ll see. And in this case, we’ve got a lot of Twitter here. We’ve got the name, we’ve got a picture, the description, and then as we go through and produce prospects you’ll start seeing that will have other profiles here, and we support, we can detect around six hundred different profile types. And so you’ll see often, you know, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, you know, the usual suspects, but you may see some others as well. And those are all due to this kind of robust enrichment that we do.

[00:52] When you see an individual prospect come in, it’s possible that this prospect is, this is like their first mission, and we’re still in the process of gathering enrichment details, so we have a prospect profile, but we still maybe we haven’t completed pulling their Gmail account that we see right here, which we would pick up.

[01:18] So that’s essentially the gist of it. When you see prospects here, you can click on the prospect and see their profile or their mention that’s in the project. In this case, vegan pizza. Maybe you think, OK, this person’s interesting. Maybe I want to engage with them about what we’re doing. I can click here, maybe go Twitter vegan’s and add them to my Twitter vegan list.

[01:48] And so that is an example of the Prospects and how simple it is to use Prospects to identify a new list of people that you potentially can engage with.