Last Updated: 13 May 2021

[00:00] Create a segment to dynamically filter mentions or prospects it’s easy in Audienti.

[00:05] So to create a segment, you go to segments and click create, give it a name. Pick your type in this case, we’re looking for mentions or prospects, but we’re going to pick mentions and then we can pick any field that’s available on the mentioned and multiple of them and actually merge them together with and or or.

[00:32] So, and all of these have to match or is any one of them has to match. So let’s say that we want people where the profile description of the mention contains the term CEO.

[00:55] That’s it. That’s basically all we have to do. Then we click create segment and the segment will be created.

[01:01] So now, as mentions flow through the system and the profile that’s connected to the mention has the term CEO in the title. It will be automatically added to the segment.