Using Integromat to Build a List of Single Profile URLs

Last Updated: 12 May 2021

You can also build a spreadsheet of listing of various profile URLs, sorted by service.

Note: If you need an invitation let us know. We are happy to invite and give you private access to the private Audienti widget in Integromat.

  1. Create a scenario then pick blank because Audienti is not in the public repo yet.
  2. Choose GET SEGMENT ITEMS SINGLE FIELD. This will do all the filtering and will return at the single field from the segment list.
  3. Pick the mentions list, MARCH MENTIONS as an example.
  4. Choose profile.URL in the field name. Then filter this where the value returned is, for example, Twitter. Make sure to run the scenario once to make sure that it is returning data. What is profile.url? It is a nested hash. It has things that are in the root and also things that are one level lower. Add other criteria here, as required.
  5. Go to TOOLS and add ITERATOR. This is going to iterate the total collection.
  6. Add a Google Sheet, and choose ADD A ROW.
  7. Select SPREADSHEETS AND SHEET, choose the file and sheet where the data is. It will not contain headers and the column headers range A-Z.
  8. Run the scenario and it will return all the data in a Google Sheet. The information updates as soon as new data comes in.

    This is a request that we have from folks interested in using Phantombuster. The spreadsheet can be set to public. Then ingested into Phantombuster to leverage Phantombuster for various things.

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