William Flanagan

Feel free to call me "Bo" for short

At my core, I'm a builder. I love building things, and working with people that love to dream big and make it happen.

I spent 15 years or so managing strategy, marketing, and business development functions for venture-funded startups.

I learned a few of important things:

  • Great solutions connects the dots to impact on people's lives.
  • It's about really helping people. If your solution doesn't really help them make progress on a key goal, then it's not going to end well.
  • Work with people you like. Life's too short to work with people you don't like and trust.

At Audienti (and Growmance), we strive to find people to work with that we can believe in. Then, we become a part of your team and help us, together, make that "dent in the universe."  Because marketing, when done right, is critical to a healthy and functioning society.

In my spare time, I currently am very interested in e-bikes and the "personal alternative transportation" movement. I'm a fan of sci-fi, and I also still threaten to pull out my guitar.

Specialties: Startups, data-driven digital marketing, product evangelism, leadership, business relationships.

Involved in 4 successful VC-funded exits

Founder or co-founder in 3 different companies.

Driven multiple businesses from $0 to multi-million run rates.

10+ years in VP Marketing & Strategy roles

Noted speaker and angel investor

Others Say It Best


Brian Dean

Founder at Backlinko

I recently had the pleasure of working with William on an interview for the OMA blog. It was a fantastic experience and William's experience in the internet marketing field shone through.


DeAnna Murphy

CEO, People Acuity

William is a brilliant creator! He is sharp, innovative, and able to capture the essence of what is needed in simple, yet powerful ways. He is generous of heart, a good listener, and easy to work with. The website he has designed for us has been met with rave reviews by our clients and team alike. I highly recommend his work to others!


Rich Williams

CSO, Witz Communications

William commands a thorough understanding of the marketplace and how to best reach specific audiences through a blended, multimedia campaign. He appreciates what it takes to effectively build and maintain a brand and is willing to try new approaches if it helps achieve goals and reach the targeted market.


Jeff White

Head of Cable Strategy @ BD @ Nokia

I've known William for years, from his time at sentitO through working with him at Cognio. William was instrumental to our success at Cognio (sold to Cisco), and he is an extremely creative and talented marketing and business strategist.

He consistently brings new ideas to the table and puts in place the infrastructure, plans and resources to get things done. I have recommended him to companies in the past (which worked out great), and I'm still doing it.


Terry Wolters

Sales Executive

William was the chief product and business strategist for sentitO Networks, and primary marketing executive for Tellabs next generation solution set.

He has a great combination of technical knowledge and direct customer involvement that has enabled him to be a leader in the industry.


Marc Matthews

Accedian Networks

He is the consummate technologist and learner.  William is one of the most compassionate, listening and faithful friends I have ever had. He would be an asset to any organization... 

Thanks for visiting Audienti.

I know your time is precious. I respect and appreciate that you've visited us.

Let me take 2 minutes to tell you why we're different.

Unlike many brand name marketing organizations, a primary advantage of Audienti is that we are smaller (<15 employees). It's actually me that's directly involved in creating, executing, measuring ,and reporting your campaigns.

Larger firms will tell you that they manage a lot of ad spend monthly. That's great. But, that doesn't mean they manage it wisely. If you have a mistake in your core system, repeating it for 500+ customers doesn't make it any better.  And, I'd argue that large budgets make you sloppy.

And, money mis-spent on one campaign is not available to spend on another.

What we do instead is focus on keeping a LARGE network of people in other businesses and industries that are doing similar campaigns. Then, we can compare across segments and industries, get advice from people outside of our processes, and in general help each other to make things happen. We manage this through our public Slack chat, Growmance, and anyone can join and learn.

We also voraciously consume the latest in training and resources, so that we can both learn from others, from experts, and from our own work.

And, lastly, we instrument and build our own tools when the technology isn't available to do what we need.  These proprietary solutions fill in gaps that increase relevancy, conversions, and results while reducing costs.

The days of a single, monolithic company that manages all your ad spend and builds all your campaigns are over. Nimble, agile, and performance-based is the future of agencies.

I'd love to discuss with you your goals for the next quarter, and see if we'd be a fit. If we're not, I'm happy to recommend someone that is, and we part as friends.

Hit the button below and contact me.

William "Bo" Flanagan

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