Schedule your Go to Market Workshop with Bo

Shortcut your understanding of targeting and Demand-side selling with this 1:1 training.

I've produced over $350 million in value for investors, and successfully exited 4 ventures by using my marketing expertise. Let's chat about what I'd do in your particular case.

In this Go-to-Market Workshop, we’ll discuss your current go-to-market strategy, and discuss the Demand-side Selling model. We’ll talk about your processes and how to update them with modern demand-side techniques.

We’ll cover:

  • Increasing lead quality and volume
  • Simplifying engagement
  • Improving sales predictability and consistency
  • Automating sales research and the “ruthless” top of the funnel
  • Coaching and accountability tracking for sales teams.

And, how these can result in a sales and marketing machine that produces more customers at a lower customer acquisition cost (CAC).