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Growmance Community Guidelines

Growmance's mission is to be the place where OUR marketing tribe feels supported, nourished, and entertained without feeling unsafe and spammed. 

What We believe

Marketing is the greatest social technology ever invented for solving human problems.

As our global tribe evolves, it has to choose which innovations provide the most societal value. The method by which these choices are surfaced and chosen is the marketing process.

Without marketing, the global tribe would not have have a method and means to efficiently make choices about which societal innovation is valuable for moving us forward.

As we as a society, a tribe, have evolved, and as the tools and technologies have changed, people have become more aware of marketing: both in its ability to do good and its ability to do bad.

Given this, we, as marketers, have a responsibility to move society forward in a way that’s good not only for ourselves, but also for society.

What We Expect From You

To be clear, and it should be obvious, but if you treat Growmance and the participants in Growmance how you’d want to be treated as marketers, then you’re welcome here. We want you!

Building a community is hard. When we have to spend the majority of our time managing people and their behaviors, it takes time from building a robust community to support your marketing efforts.

I get it.  Marketing requires hustle. We appreciate hustle! But, there are some common behaviors that will not be tolerated.

  • Only post 1 message, in 1 channel, 1 time per week. If you have something to promote, promote it in the channel where it’s approved to be posted. Why? Because most people are in multiple channels. When you go from channel to channel posting content, potentially 10s of thousands of people are getting multiple notifications in their Slack. It seems spammy, and well, it is. If you violate this one, we will notify you immediately (if we see it). If you argue, you are terminated.
  • Don’t spam via direct messages. If you do this at all, or we identify that you do this, you will be permanently banned.
  • Don’t post any link or content requests in anything but the link-exchanges channel. If you do this at all, or we identify that you do this, you will be permanently banned.
  • Don’t make junk/useless posts. Content should be relevant to the channel.
  • Post in the correct channels. If there’s a specific channel, USE IT.
  • Don’t post ANY self-promotional content in the #general and #marketing channel. These channels, while they have the most users, also cause the most problems. Only use #general and #marketing for non-promotional, learning, or help requests.
  • Don’t change public room descriptions, even if you think it’s helpful. Reach out to a community manager for guidance.
  • Don’t change the Best Practices Wiki in a biased way to give advantage to your own products, services, courses, or other materials.
  • Don’t scrape the Growmance members list so you can spam them outside of Growmance. You acknowledge through participation in Growmance that this is not only an egregious offense, it also does irreparable harm to our community. If we find you’ve done this, and we receive notifications that you’ve done this, you will be prosecuted to the best of our ability. By joining our community, you’ve agreed to these terms.
  • Don’t do anything that resembles harassment. Negative comments based on race, sex, sexuality, gender, nationality, politics, appearance, history, disability, or anything that creates a hostile environment. And, it’s not you as the speaker that decides this, it’s the person that receives the comment. So, take care with your language to create a culture of community and respect.

If a moderator contacts you for questionable behavior, you must stop what you’re doing immediately. If you are warned about a behavior, and the behavior is repeated, you will be banned. 2 strikes and you are out.

We also expect that you have reviewed and agree to Audienti’s overall Privacy PolicyTerms of Service, and Cookie Policy.

Legal Stuff

In all cases, the moderators and Audienti Staff have final authority to make any and all decisions regarding all activities on Growmance. The decisions are final. If you are banned, you will not be reinstated. 

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to your activity in this contract, or breach thereof, shall be settled by the American Arbitration Association under its USA commercial arbitration rules. The number of arbitrators will be one. The place of arbitration will be Washington, DC, USA. The parties also agree that the AAA optional rules for emergency measures of protection shall apply to the proceedings.

By participating in Growmance you agree to these rules. These rules may be updated from time to time. It’s your responsibility to  occasionally review these community guidelines for any changes.

Your Responsibilities as a Member of Growmance

Growmance’s marketing community is based on a set of rules–the same set of rules that we all SHOULD share as responsible marketers. They are:

  • Growmance isn’t a jungle–its a common garden. Like a garden, it must be cared for and tended to.  You must follow, at a minimum the rule that you will first do no harm to Growmance, our common garden. Practical examples of this are: no spamming, ask for permission to direct message, only promote in areas designated for promotion, and support and encourage others by seeking and asking for guidance and help.
  • Inclusion creates growth–everything we do in Growmance is by, and for, us. Add participants to our tribe both that are the same as us, and are different than us, causes us all to grow. Unlike the prevailing economic theory that states that there are two curves, supply and demand–we realize there’s a “third curve”–information. Where there’s more information and more people supplying information, there’s more pie for everyone.
  • Safety is required for growth. It’s been proven that if you make a person fearful, while they may learn, they are learning to avoid that fear. We, in tending to our garden, will never use fear, intimidation, harassment, or coercion to try to get something from someone in our community, and as part of our marketing tribe.
  • Improve the outcomes and lives of all stakeholders. Your purpose as a marketer (for yourself, for your company) is not only to produce a profit for shareholders, but also to improve the outcome and lives for all of the stakeholders (workers, consumers, community members, and even the broader global tribe) as a whole. While we all appreciate hustle, hustle that tramples over the garden will not be tolerated.
  • Greed is not good, and is counterproductive. Being for yourself at all costs doesn’t make you a hustler, or a capitalist, or clever–it makes you a sociopath. Sociopathy is bad for business, Growmance, our marketers, and our collective society.
  • Post only to the relevant channel, and only 1 channel per week per post. Most people are in multiple channels. When you post to multiple channels, your community members get many notifications. This is annoying and spammy. Please only post to 1 channel per week per post unless pre-approved by the moderators.
  • Do not post spam to the channels. Do not post spam to the channels. You will be terminated immediately from Growmance for doing this. We do not want to see posts with your affiliate links selling things.
  • You choose to be here, so you agree to behave by the terms described. Treat others how you’d want to be treated. Treat the community with respect. And, it will reward you.

What you can Expect From Us

If you experience anything online that makes your feel uncomfortable or violates this agreement, please report this immediately to one of the moderators, or to @wflanagan (the founder of Growmance).  We will deal with it promptly. First we’ll remove, then we’ll ask questions. We’re on your side.

While inside of a “for-profit” company, OMALab, Inc.’s goal with Growmance is NOT to make a profit on you. We consider Growmance a non-profit community.

However, like non-profits, that does not mean we will not do any promotion for payments. As such, and while we have not, historically done any of this, this means that you approve, accept, and agree that Growmance may occasionally:

  • Send information to your registered email that is informational, sponsored, or transactional.
  • Add link(s) into Growmance chatrooms that promotes a specific product, service, or informational product.
  • Create and promote “pro” or “mastermind” groups that sell expanded or enhancements of capabilities provided by Growmance to all participants.
  • Provide certifications and training that are paid programs outside or Growmance.
  • Serve content and advertisements.
  • Place or recognize cookies from visitor’s browsers
  • Collect information directly from visitors.

We will not sell your information to any third party, including a third party broker.