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Growth Coaching Application with William "Bo" Flanagan

Let's get a bit more information to determine if we're a mutual fit for our go-to-market high-growth strategy programs. Due to high demand, filling out an application does not guarantee a spot in any programs. This is a highly selective process. SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY! This application will take about 5 minutes.

Please give me a website. Or, if you don't have a website, please provide a social account. I will use this information to do research before our meeting.
What are you trying to get done? The way I think about this, is what's the big thing that you need to deliver to be viewed by others and yourself as being successful.
How many qualified leads does your current marketing strategy generate every month?(Required)
Please estimate if you don't know for sure.
If I asked you to create a social media campaign to bring in 10 leads for your business, would you know what to do?(Required)
I believe in clear, simple frameworks for lead generation on socials. So, you have a structure that drives results.
Do you have a strategy for TikTok?(Required)
By the way, batch creation, trend-hopping, pre-written scripts/hooks, AI generated scripts, and hacks/tricks are NOT a strategy.
What is your current monthly revenue?(Required)
In our go-to-market consulting, you will learn the strategies and execution we've used to scale businesses to multi-million $ run rates. Are you ready to make a 4-figure investment to learn these strategies and frameworks?(Required)
No matter what type of engagement you have with us, it will still require work and commitment on your part.
Which Audienti service seems like it's the best fit for you?(Required)
Email will be how we deliver items. It also will be where we will send your invite to a Google Meet.
What is your name?(Required)
Mobile is the best way for us to chat. We'll also send reminders for our meetings through this number.
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