Content Curation for Growth Hackers

In order to begin talking about content curation we first have to understand the concept of curation. Curation is essentially collecting and organizing information in a simplistic manner in order for it to be displayed to an audience. This process has been an essential part of museums and art galleries for a long time. Curators were tasked with finding “content” (works of art or statues) for visitors to look at as well as promoting the work of other museums/art galleries.

Can you see how important curation can be in the modern world as well? Sharing your own content and promoting the content of other likeminded companies in your field generates awareness for the industry as a whole. Which equates into growth,your ultimate goal.

One great way to use content curation is through weekly blog posts. Hah, we’re obviously ahead of the curve here. As you know, google ranks domains that are constantly updating/adding content much higher than those which are stagnant. So if you haven’t already implemented a blog or have a news section to your site, you should be thinking about the potential growth you are missing out on.

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As “hackers” we need to take it a little bit further. If you want to take your weekly blog to another level there are a couple of recommendations I can give.

Step 1 – Gamify… gamify… gamify

Gamify refers to gamification, the act of turning the users experience into an engaging, fun game. The goal of gamification is to make basic activities more enjoyable and motivating. YouTube and Facebook do a phenomenal job of this with their like and dislike buttons. They give the online user a way to voice their own opinion and see for themselves what others think about the same topic.

Step 2 – Quality

Content curation is first and foremost curation. It is your job to find the diamonds in the rough. Don’t publish content that has already been mentioned or is already being talked about. Publish only the crème de la crème.

Step 3 – Sharing

Make it easy and simple for your site visitors to share your content. Remove all hassles associated with sharing your article. Nobody wants to go through the tedious process of copy/pasting a URL only to run it through’s coding and have to copy paste it into an email and finally click send. No, no, no, no, no. The time it takes to set up a simple “share this instantly with your friends” button will be well worth your while, trust me.

Probably one of the more ignored sections of content curation is branding. Let’s say you work for a company (Pumpkin Patch LLC), and your company is in the business of growing gargantuan pumpkins to sell to…pumpkin collectors (I hope that is not a thing).

If you go and publish an article talking about a new variety of pumpkin that is expected to have record breaking fruit size, you are targeting only a select few “pumpkin collectors”. The alternative, and better approach is to brand yourself as an individual, not as a company.

You should post an article under your personal name and write your sincere opinion/thoughts on the matter. Readers want to connect with other like-minded individuals. The internet is about people, not companies.

Overall, good content curation is key in measuring how successful your business will be.  If you take some of these ideas and implement them into your online activity you can be sure to see significant growth. If you have any questions or if you would like to simply get in contact with me, feel free to stalk me on Linkedin or email me at [email protected].


Content Curation for Growth hackers


Kavi Mathur


Kavi Mathur

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