The SEO strategy of stuffing keywords into text to get traffic from search engines is no longer working. The algorithms are updated against this. Best practices now include a variety of other methods. One of the most powerful techniques is making sure your site has high PR backlinks.


Backlinks 101

A backlink is any link that connects back to your site. For example, if your URL is listed in any online directory, that’s a backlink. Backlinks from other relevant sites make you more visible in search engines.

Much like keywords, backlinking can be gamed. Also like keywords, the search engines are onto those schemes. They won’t bump your site higher in the rankings based solely on volume of backlinks. That’s why high PR backlinks are so vital.


High PR Backlinks From Influencers

Get yourself a network of high PR backlinks. Here are some approaches you can take:

  • Get Listed: A listing in an RSS directory is a quick way to get high quality backlinks. Even better, any site with a place for customer testimonials or reviews adds yet more backlink potential.
  • Meet the Press: A high-quality press release from a reliable organization will get you high PR backlinks. Links can be embedded in the byline and in the press release itself.
  • Make Connections: Offer to write guest posts. Submit articles to well-known industry peers. Every byline links back to your site. And every link from a site that already ranks highly in the search engine results will make your business look good.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for building your backlinks. A combination of techniques usually works best. Analyse your metrics to see the best place your content marketing efforts.


Quality over Quantity

As search algorithms become smarter and more complex, the focus turns toward producing genuine, engaging content for your audience. Sites that are known for quality content rank higher in search results, and any backlinks from those sites to yours will only increase your own page rank.

While there are companies out there who claim they can help you place a high volume backlinks, the search engines are adapting to these types of tactics. Organic, natural site growth will improve your rankings, not random placings of backlinks all over the Internet.

Just like growing your company’s reputation among your customer base, building a solid foundation online will take time. Be patient, focus on producing unique content and attracting a loyal audience, letting your voice become heard among your peers, and slowly but surely, you’ll build a solid catalog of high PR backlinks.