What's a GrowthEngine?(tm)

Audienti detects your prospects using "buying signals" that we find through conversations that happen online. That's the way consumers tell you they're interested in your product or service. Buying signals are the core criteria for detecting who would be a good fit for you as a prospect.

Your Customers

You have multiple kinds of customers, right? They vary by life event, occupation, and interest. With Audienti, you create campaigns for each kind of persona you'd like to target.

The second anyone matches your criteria by expressing your buying signals, he or she is added to the campaign, automatically.


Here's an example:


You're a running shoe company that specializes in mid- to long-distance runners. You're main competitor is Nike, and there's no way you can outspend Nike to generate top of the funnel leads.


At 5:20 AM, JMichelle860 tweets "Up early to start #marathontraining! #runner #marathons #fitness"

You've already set up a campaign for marathon runners, because they're a great fit for your company. It's 5:20 AM, and you're still asleep. Not to worry: Audienti detects mentions as they happen, and automatically executes the campaign to turn those marathon runners into your next customer.
First, your company twitter favorites JMichelle860's tweet. An hour later, your company twitter followers her. If she follows you back, you send her a DM. Then, a few days later, you target her with a paid ad on one of her favorite running blogs. Finally, you send her an email, offering her a first-time buyer discount.

All of those things happened automatically, without you lifting a finger. With Audienti, it's all possible.