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Sell better in today's social-driven world

Give yourself an unfair advantage, and win more new business.


Your campaigns are losing effectiveness for 3 reasons.

People aren't "in" email anymore

It used to be that people communicated in the business through email. Now, most businesses use Slack, Teams, or other chat tools. This means you can't hit their inbox and get their attention.

Email is noisy, spam ridden, and saturated.

Over 80% of the messages in your inbox right now are spam or commercial.  Even if you write the perfect email, it's still hard to get opens and actions in that environment.

No "spinning" will make it feel personal.

Effectiveness drops, so you scale up and send more email. So, it gets hard to personalize the messages send. Getting attention in email is already a high bar. So, when you scale, it means sending generic emails that hit the promotions tab, and your prospect never sees or ignores.

This is our definition of "selling worse." So, how would you "sell better?"


4 ways you can sell better, with Audienti.

Target real people, not personas, with expressed needs.

Early buyer engagement shortens deal time and helps you win more deals.

Use automation to find prospects--not engage them.

Work across multiple social channels as well. Not just email, LinkedIn, & phone.

Target real people, not personas, that actually need help.

When you start your campaigns in a database, you don't know really anything about their needs. So, you have to spam a bunch of people to find the few that might be in the market.

In Audienti, you describe your perfect prospects and what they'd be talking about. Then, Audienti sifts through 100's of thousands online conversations every day to find your prospects talking about their problems in public discussions.

Now, guess what? You can just reply. It's in public. No more cold outreach or spam.

engage people with intent
Engage sooner

Engage sooner to shorten deal time and win more deals.

Leveraging cold emailing tools? Setting up sequences that attempt to get people's attention? Sending a myriad of connection requests on LinkedIn at your target prospects? It's getting more expensive to prospect this way.  And, kinda feels spammy, right?

And, even worse, you might find the right person at the right time. But, you're more likely to find the person at the wrong time, spending a ton of time that doesn't result in sales.

Audienti's way is better. Find people that need help or information. And, help them. When you catch them earlier in their buyer journey, and coach them how to solve their problems.  Data shows that 71% of the time, the first vendor to deliver new insight wins the deal. And, your deals close faster.

Use automation to find prospects, not to spam them.

Science shows that people's intuition is effective at knowing when we're being BS'd. When you mass cold outreach, people know. So, they don't reply.

Instead, use Audienti to find not only a mention where you can engage, but also all their contact information. Use it's segmenting to drill down in the stream to your perfect, ideal customer profile.

Then, spend a minute getting to know your customer and their problem. And, then, engage.

Customer engagement will go through the roof. You'll have more conversations, more meetings, and more wins when you treat people like people. And, not like personas.

automate the right things
engage in the right channel

Reduce friction by working directly in multiple social channels.

People do email because it's easy. And, because it's easy, many people do it.  That's why it's so saturated.

With Audienti, you can work across multiple channels. For every prospect, we find public information about their accounts. Yes, including email and phone numbers if available. This lets you reply to the messages and follow up where your prospect's already are, reducing sales friction and accelerating sales.

Powerful features and capabilities

Multiple projects

Teams and multi-user accounts

Doesn't use or risk your account


No cookie tracking

Works with current and emerging privacy standards

CA Privacy and GPDR compatible


No per-prospect charge on some plans

Live help and support through chat and screen shares

Training, tutorials and more coming soon

Engage prospects sooner with your secret weapon