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Lead Generation delivers exclusive, relevant sales leads to you team.

Audienti executes campaigns leveraging our technology, design, skills, and capabilities on your behalf. We deliver leads to you via email or directly into your CRM.


100% freshly generated leads, no databases.

Permission-based marketing, not based on cold calls.

Easy engagement with lead interest identified.

Pre-qualified based on your needs.

Let us get your contribution to the world out, with lead generation services that deliver relevant, qualified leads.

Lead generation, done right, isn't cookie cutter. In fact, a recent report from Hubspot identified that the number 1 source of highly qualified leads to most businesses is: "Other." That's why we use a 5 stage process for every engagement to build a custom solution for your business.


We work with you and identify your ideal targets and their action triggers.


We build a set of campaign approaches that are tailored to your market, needs, and timeframe.


We setup and launch AI targeting + optimized funnels + offers.


We tune and optimize to maximize conversion.


We push fresh new leads instantly into your CRM for sales.


We work with you to identify your ideal targets and their action triggers.

Customer Acquisition Planning

For each engagement, a mini version of the comprehensive Customer Acquisition TuneUp that we perform as a consulting service. This gives us a profile to target.

Campaign Creation

Each campaign idea includes all the assets needed for the campaigns, including whitepapers, videos, photos, apps, and other creatives. We get your buy-in and approval to any campaign before it's launched.



We build out the promotional components, marketing components, and data analysis/tracking required to execute the campaigns.


Lead Resources

Lead resources including any whitepaper, e-books, guides, infographics, videos, and even applications (iOS/Android/Web) are generated.

Marketing Resources

Marketing resources include websites, landing pages, email content, social content, ad creatives, and the creation of any necessary accounts.

Tracking & Analytics Resources

Setup and configuration of web analytics tools, qualitative analytics, optimization platforms, and other components necessary to ensure a data-driven tuning experience.


We setup and launch AI targeting + optimized funnels + offers.

Lead Funnel Setup

For each campaign, we setup and optimize the customer journey/lead funnels for capturing lead information.

AI-based Promotion Setup & Launch

All campaigns include Audienti's proprietary AI-based targeting and promotional capabilities. This is setup and executed.

Traditional Ad Creatives & Other Activities Setup

Traditional digital ads, if relevant for your campaign, are setup and executed. In addition, if any growth hacking techniques are planned in the campaign, these are setup to execute as well.


We tune, track, and optimize the ongoing lead flow to maximize conversion rates.

Remarketing Optimization

Setup and maintain any secondary offers promoted using  remarketing.

Split testing offers and landing pages

Continually split test landing pages and landing page path pages to improve conversion over time.

Track and Report

Configure dashboard and regular reporting to inform and alert on ongoing flow and activity.


We push fresh, newly created leads, into your CRM system or deliver via email.

Webhook-based delivery

We deliver leads to your CRM system through webhooks and support the most common types of CRM systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Sugar, PipelineDeals, and others.

Email notifications

The system can also deliver leads via email.

Next Steps

As a team with experience, we're confident we can help most businesses succeed. And, as a small, boutique team, we have limited engagements available.

If you're not ready to start, but need to generate leads, then you can go to our resources and download our Lead Generation Template pack. This has our source templates and files that we use when we're onboarding a customer.

If you're interested in working with us directly, please schedule a meeting.  It's super fast and easy. And, no pressure.

Do it yourself?

Download the templates we use in lead generation engagements to guide the process. Make sure you sign up for #growmance so you can ask questions and get feedback.

Wonder what we'd do different?

Audienti works with growing companies where we believe we can make a real difference. Our typical engagement for lead generation start at a target lead volume of at least 100 leads/month. We typically work with B2B companies, but in some strategic areas can provide value to B2C customers as well.