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With Audienti Lead Generation Software, you can drive more and better leads to your business easier than ever before.

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Target real people, not personas.

Engage when prospects express interest in your topics.

Set and forget evergreen workflows.

Works across different social media channels.

A simple, 3-step process that gets results.

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1. Identify an engagement prospect that's talking about a topic of interest.

When someone is sharing online and in public, they're often looking for engagement.


2. Engage with the engagement prospect online and build a relationship.

By engaging with people where they are and on what they want to talk about, you give them what they want. And, though that, you build a relationship.

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3. Collaborate, partner, help, instruct, guide to accomplish their objectives.

Help the person get where they want to go. By engaging and helping, you start the path to a deeper relationship that produces results.

Audienti finds the person or company behind the mention and their public social networks.


When Audienti identifies a prospect, the software automatically finds additional contact information for the prospects. So, you can engage on the network that makes the most sense for your business.

Build hyper-targeted segments with simple segments.

You can setup Audienti with your specific criteria for who you want to engage. You can be as specific as you want, (i.e. Vegan CEOs talking about politics).  Audienti gathers all their details, and adds them to the segment. With this, you can build evergreen, automatic campaigns.

audienti integromat integration

Integrating into your current marketing is a breeze.

Segments and lists can be automatically synchronized with third party systems and tools though webhooks and API tools. Support for Zapier and Integromat is available today. And, more systems are coming soon.

Powerful features and capabilities

Multiple projects

Teams and multi-user accounts

Does not use your current social network account



Works with current and emerging privacy standards

CA Privacy and GPDR compatible


Does not charge per lead

Live help and support through chat and screen shares

Training, tutorials and more coming soon

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