Marketing Automation Benefits

Marketing automation is about boosting the return for marketing and sales-effort.

In short you automate outbound marketing efforts (usually email and crm activities) and provide sales teams with much more accurate data on their leads, prospects & clients


It’s about converting more leads and closing more sales

Beyond all the technical magic. Automation is about optimizing:

  • Converting more leads into opportunities
  • Converting more opportunities into leads
  • Closing more deals with existing & new customers

Working at scale

Lets do a quick magic wand exercise, what do we (CEOs & CMOs) wish our sales people did that most probably don’t either because they don’t have time or expertise:

  • Not waste time on leads that are never going to buy
  • Keep in regular contact with new leads from month 0-purchase (could be 6-24 mths)
  • Conveniently call/email leads with a personal email when they visit a specific product page
  • Ask them what their biggest pains are and collate them in one place
  • Keep a detailed log of all activity in the CRM
  • Maintain lists of hot customers who could be interested in finding out more about a product/service
  • Segmenting or tagging customers based on their interests in products

Ok that’s enough. I’m sure that list could go on for quite a while but it covers a few key basics.

The reality is this.leaking-bucket


Sales people are self interested. I’ll re-iterate, they’re going to focus on the hottest leads around 50% of the time and ideally should be spending the other 50% prospecting for new business one way or another (phone/email/linkedin/conferences…).

That means that most sales/marketing funnels have a HUUUUGGE gapping hole in their process that leads are pouring out of.

What automation tools can do

A well set-up automation tool can, and this is a short list:

  • Email prospects regularly (with your awesome content)
  • Nudge sales teams to call prospects that re-activate when they visit specific pages or show buying signals
  • Track every open and click of every email from marketing & sales
  • Track every pageview, download, webinar sign up and attendance
  • Score leads according to rules you set
  • Send timely emails with offers when prospects visit certain pages based on rules you set
  • Track visitors before they are known to you and associate that tracking data when they fill in a form

Who should be using automation?


There are different levels of automation. At a minimum you should have a system that manages your mailing list like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, and that sends people an email each week/month with interesting and useful content.

The use cases for it are pretty extensive. You can get more done with less people so all businesses can benefit.

That’s it. If you want to know how to super-charge your automation click here.


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