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Find product market fit faster. Solve for revenue, and get your first customers.

Uses modified versions of various frameworks such as JTBD, Value Proposition Map, Bullseye Framework, William Flanagan's Growth Marketing Canvas, and others. All rights reserved by the original authors.

20+ years experience in early stage, VC funded startups, launching into the market.

Skip making the mistakes I've made. Get product market fit faster. And, start collecting revenue.

Primary Access


$170 million acquisition by 3Com



$300 million acquisition by Tellabs

sentitO Networks


Acquired by Verso for an undisclosed amount.



$65 million acquisition by Cisco

How Product-Market Fit Consulting works

We work with you/your team to define, refine, and clarify your products, markets, applications, and differentiation. Then, we build a strategy based on your core business strengths.


Defining your product not in terms of capabilities, but in terms of differentiators that quantifiably relieve pain and create gains.


Defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) not in terms of demographics, but in terms of the jobs they need to do, pains currently experienced doing those jobs, and how they measure a job well done. In addition, we define an externally visible problem that indicates that they are likely to have a problem we can solve.


Creating a specific definition of a Job-To-Be-Done. What is the problem the person is trying to solve, the steps to do it, and how your solution changes that for the better.


Performing a detailed competitive analysis of the messaging and positioning of your competitors. From there, creating differentiation messaging that explains why your solution is better for the market than theirs.

Go To Market

Building a Go to Market plan that includes how to target and engage your ICP. Includes templates, cadences, and templated messaging for sales people. Includes testing and direct outreach to validate GTM plan.

We've helped 50,000+ people with startup marketing and growth.

Between our courses on Udemy and support of our Growmance community, we've supported or trained over 50,000 people on growth marketing best practices.

Trained over 40,000 people and provided support through the following courses:

  • Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises
  • Customer Journeys for B2B Enterprises
  • Project Management for Teams using Notion

Created the #Growmance Slack Marketing community and grew to 15,000+ members.

  • All types of marketing: organic, paid, native
  • All geographies: North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • Startups to Fortune 500 organizations

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