Prospect Lists

Audienti Intent-driven predictive selection plus manual curation delivers lists of hot prospects daily.

Audienti Segment Example Rotator

Need fresh leads? Get a real-time stream of new prospects optimized for your target prospects, delivered in realtime.

By using conversational intent data, you can find prospects with buyer intent faster than your competitors. By targeting hotter prospects earlier in the buyer journey, you can close more deals while enjoying work more.

The real-time stream can be delivered via API, through tools like Zapier or Make, or via Google Sheets with realtime updates as new prospects are found.

Engage sooner
funnel filter

Dial in customized targeting to your perfect prospects.

Using conversational intent data gives you a powerful advantage in the market. But, it doesn't stop there. Audienti's segmenting abilities can filter based on anything related to a mention, a social media account, or a prospect record. Search by job title, interest, and more quickly and easily to get just the prospects that will move your business forward.

Pay as you grow, starting in packs of 100 leads.

Nothing's worse than spending money on things that don't work. Besides a 100% data quality guarantee, Audienti allows you to start in packs of 100 prospects. That way, you can dip your toe into intent-data targeting, and then scale once you see how easy and powerful it is.

And, all your lists can be transferred to an enterprise-level Audienti plan, should you choose to start using Audienti's software directly.

pay as you grow
dont pay till its great

Don't pay anything until it's great. Pricing as low as $1/prospect in volume.

During setup, there's usually at least 1 round of optimization. During the optimization phase, with the commitment to purchase at least 100 prospects, all prospects delivered during optimization are free!

Order a Prospect List, and get your first prospects in less than 24 hours.