The Best Enterprise SEO Platform Features

If you’re managing your company’s marketing, you may have begun or are in the midst of researching enterprise SEO software. Having a strong grasp of your website’s SEO doesn’t come easy. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm and the push for consistent high quality content, the search for the ideal enterprise SEO platform is not a simple one. To make the search easier, we’ve outlined the features that you can’t forgo.

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What’s in a keyword?

Keywords have always been the pinnacle of an SEO strategy. An efficient SEO platform will tell you which keywords, and even better — which long tail keywords, are the most valuable and where on your site they should live. A strong monitoring component is also a crucial component. Just because a certain keyword is strong one week doesn’t necessarily mean it will have the same competitive edge the next. Once your platform is intelligently filtering in the best keywords, you can then just as intelligently craft your content accordingly. The black hat days of keyword stuffing are over. Google only has eyes for pages that its readers will find helpful and shareable.

“Google wants to cater for as many intents as possible as it tries to satisfy searchers and provide a good experience. It makes complete sense for SEOs to try and satisfy as many different searchers as possible with their own websites, and in fact it’s completely necessary if they want to rank for big terms in 2015,” explains Stephen Kenwright in his article, How to Optimize for Keywords in 2015.

If it’s not in a report, it didn’t happen

Let’s face it, when you’re running into a meeting with your full marketing team there’s an expectation of having certain documents. You are probably expected to provide documentation about KPIs, metrics and assorted details about the website. A requisite of your platform must be thorough and detailed reports. The reporting should include, but not be limited to, page rankings, audits and website history.

Competitive data for the win

Let’s not forget competitive analysis. Your competitors are actively trying to outrank you. While seeing the businesses who are outranking you may be alarming, ignorance is never bliss when it comes to your SEO performance. Enterprise SEO software will be your right hand when identifying new keyword opportunities and your current standing.

“This helps us understand the market and uncover various competitor tactics. We often learn a lot by assessing their strengths and weaknesses in keyword strategy, site architecture, content marketing, link building and social media,” notes Derek Edmond in his post, How Competitive Analysis Leads to a Better B2B SEO Program.

Once you can identify your top performing competitors, the fun comes in gaining an upper hand and leveraging tactics which they’ve overlooked. This can include a more robust blog, engaging video content and highly engaging social media content.

Edmond expanded upon the benefits of a competitive analysis he conducted for a client, “The end goal of our competitive analysis was to provide clarity in direction of our ongoing program. We wanted to ensure we were not missing opportunities and had a greater understanding of some of the obstacles we might encounter along the way. This type of competitive analysis helps set the stage for performance measurement of our program over the long run, as well.”

Analysis at every level

Tracking SEO progress at the enterprise level entails having your eye on countless moving parts. This means dozens of internal pages, external landing pages, partner sites, social media pages and beyond. Your software must be intelligent enough to track the ongoing changes across your entire online presence.

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