Companies Who Rock Influencer Marketing

Today, marketing is all about being social-not just talking, but listening and engaging with your audiences as well. In recent years, as social media has become a ubiquitous part of daily life, online content consumption and creation has exploded. People are sharing information and ideas on social media platforms like never before, so it only makes sense to develop marketing content based on the content that is already getting traction and being shared by your audiences online.

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Social media giants like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, with their ever-growing audiences and massive reach, have been the driving force behind the influencer marketing movement. More businesses are turning to social media as a source for news, inspiration, peer engagement-in other words: content.

Many companies are riding the current influencer marketing wave, which makes sense considering that this trend, along with other emerging technologies, is allowing marketers to get closer to their audiences and potential buyers than ever before. Influencer marketing is currently one of the most effective and organic ways for a brand to gain exposure. Increasingly, companies are diverting money from more traditional advertising and marketing efforts and spending it on influencer campaigns. While many companies are trying on this new marketing trend, which brands are really rocking it?

You expect that Goliath-like brands like Apple and Nike to be on the list of top influencer marketing stars, and they are, but other brands successfully utilizing influencers to market their products may surprise you-brands like Skittles, Red Bull, Revolve Clothing, HP, and PlayStation.

Red Bull, for example, has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 105,000 followers on Vine. Red Bull uses this reach to promote their product as a product used and trusted by extreme athletes by posting videos and photos of these athletes competing in Red Bull competitions and drinking Red Bull. In return, these athletes are talking about Red Bull on social media with their own audiences. In this instance, the extreme athletes are the influencers. When Red Bull’s audiences see this interaction, they begin to talk about the brand with their peers and share photos and videos, thus further spreading Red Bull’s reach.

Revolve clothing is another example of a brand properly harnessing the power of influencer marketing. Revolve devotes substantial resources to locating and contracting with social media mavens who have large fashion-conscience followings. This allows Revolve to speak to potential buyers through a trusted voice speaking to their personal audience.

This movement has, in turn, led to the formation of influencer marketplaces-online watering holes where companies can interact with social media influencers in order to help promote their products and brands.

Want to learn how to find social media influencers to make a positive impact on your marketing efforts? Any successful influencer outreach campaign needs to:

  • Find Influencers with Similar Core Values
    Your company needs to find influencers that share the same core values as your brand. This will create a more natural connection between you and the influencer, which followers will recognize.
  • Develop Solid Relationships with Influencers
    As we have already said, social media is not just about talking, it is also about listening and engaging. Invest time into developing a good repertoire with potential influencers-your ROI will likely be a healthy and trusting relationship.
  • Share Common Goals
    All influencers have specific goals that mirror the goals of their followers. Identify influencers whose goals overlap with your company’s goals.
  • Stay on the Same Page
    Be sure that you are looking for influencers that are promoting the same ideals as your company.

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While influencer marketing hasn’t replaced traditional marketing activities, it is one of the many examples of modern technology blurring the line between quality content and marketing, and closing the gap between marketers and their audiences.

Quin Woodward-Pu

VP-Marketing Audienti. Former Director of PR Brightline Interactive. Former Editor Vocus. Social media guru.

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