Best of Reddit: 15 Marketing Automation Tips

Marketing automation: Where do you start? Here, we collect the best marketing automation tips on Reddit that give us better insight into the world of marketing automation, under the subreddit /r/automatedmarketing.

1. Don’t ignore new fans and customers.

Use your customer base as “affiliate marketers” to promote your product or service. Connect and engage with them to win brand advocacy and higher visibility.

2. Have the right goals and metrics to measure results.

The goals and metrics used to track your marketing automation strategy must be tied to your customer acquisition and sales goals. Merely looking at open and click-through rates on automated e-mails doesn’t give you an accurate picture of how successful your campaign was. Approach your marketing goals just as aggressively as your sales goals.

3. Focus on lead acquisition at all times.

Your lead funnel constantly needs to be replenished. Focus on acquiring leads, and then build the marketing campaigns that turn those leads into customers.

4. Take advantage of marketing automation software.

As we emphasized in an earlier post, a good marketing automation strategy understands what your leads want and delivers the right information to them, at the right place, at the right time. Marketing automation can help you streamline this process more efficiently.

5. Don’t look at what the system can do for you.

Look at what you need the system to do. Understand what your goals and needs are for your business first, before looking for tools that your business will use to fulfill those specific needs.

6. Cover all the bases.

A successful marketing strategy covers all the bases, spanning traditional, online and social channels (link). Your message needs to be wherever it is that your audience engages.

7. Marketing automation is not a one-stop solution.

You need to take charge. Establish the right business rules and overall marketing strategy to support your platform, in order to determine how best to integrate the software into your business (link).

8. E-mail is still relevant.

E-mail campaigns should revolve around building credibility with your audience, and providing information that’s valuable to them and actionable. Your e-mails should be personalized, clear, and engaging to win over your prospects.

9. Marketing automation can help with lead scoring.

Lead scoring helps qualify your leads so your sales team is working from the most qualified leads. But don’t forget to nurture those leads into loyal customers through e-mail campaigns and other marketing methods.

10. Content delivery is multi-dimensional.

Digital marketing channels are meant to deliver content for consumption and provide a platform for engagement. Make sure that you target the channels that your audience frequents and provide them with content that’s valuable to them. This will get you the desired engagement.

11. Driving conversions should be top priority.

The most effective way to do this is to promote your brand and engage with potential customers across every possible channel and network (link). Analyze which social posts or other marketing methods delivered the highest results and replicate this strategy going forward.

12. Take advantage of LinkedIn for leads.

A recent study from Oktopost found that over 80% of B2B leads and conversions came from LinkedIn. LinkedIn company pages also drew the most leads. So take advantage of this social platform and have the right data and metrics to measure results.

13. Optimize content for G-mail’s new Grid View.

The promotion tab in G-mail just got a facelift. You can change the format of e-mails under this tab to “Grid View” that attaches an image to each promotional e-mail. Marketers should take advantage of this to entice customers who are G-mail users to open their message.

14. Marketing automation should be seen as an investment.

Don’t see it as an expense. Finding a system that works for you and integrates well with your business needs can bring in great results and increased ROI.

15. Technology will only get you so far.

See marketing as a revenue generator. Establish a revenue goal, measure the amount of revenue generated, and predict future impact on revenue in a scalable fashion. It’s not the software that makes a difference, but the personable actions surrounding the technology that do.


William Flanagan

CEO & Founder, Audienti. Former VP-Cognio, Founder-sentitO/Verso, SALIX/Tellabs, PrimaryAccess/3Com, CompuServe. Expert in data-driven marketing.

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