How to Promote your Content Across Earned, Paid & Owned Media

Content marketing isn’t an option. It’s the anchor that keeps your company bobbing securely in an oftentimes tempestuous ocean of a marketplace. In order for it to do its job you need to make sure you navigate your online resources properly, or else you risk a massive shadow cast upon your hard work. Let’s explore the ways in which you can promote your content, leaving no channel unturned.

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We walk a fine line when it comes to touting our brands, products and expertise. The challenge of self-promoting without sounding arrogant intersects with the omnipresent need of being seen by the right circles all the time. Learning what your audience is craving to know and where they’re looking for that content is your golden ticket to effective content promotion.

Fret not, consumers are smarter than ever now thanks to the myriad resources available (hopefully including your content!). So don’t shirk content promotion, just educate yourself on how to promote across earned, paid and owned media.

“We’re constantly being bombarded by commercial messages. Your blog readers and social media followers know you’re running a business, and that your ultimate goal is to make sales. There’s no need to hide or sugarcoat this fact,” notes Jayson DeMers in his Forbes article, 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Content Marketing Strategy.

There are three types of media on which to promote. Let’s take a look at making the most of those arenas.

Content Promotion on Earned Media

Earned media is tough. It’s organic and telling of how much your key audience cares about your brand, personality and content. To have your content shared on social media, the word of mouth that so many companies rely on, you have to constantly listen and study your audience. If your key targets are talking about something on their blog or on Twitter, it’s in your best interest to jump on that content bandwagon.

“With the constant influx of content being created online every day, if you’re not deliberately promoting your content to a relevant audience then you’re simply adding to the noise,” notes Jon Ball in a Search Engine Watch article, Content Marketing Without Marketing is Just Content.

Give your readers and hopefully eventual consumers the content they are asking for. Don’t suffocate your news feeds with mindless product plugs if there’s no connection to your audience. Before scheduling any social media posts, ask yourself, “Would I share this?” It is worth investing in extra research to curate earned media content that won’t become stagnant due to lack of interest.

Content Promotion on Paid Media

Social media is saturated with content, and channels like Facebook know how to make a profit. Print media, meet social media. Ads are mandatory if you want to guarantee that the appropriate demographics are seeing your brand in their feed. This again forces to you know your key audience as well as you know your own company. Don’t forget about the power of search when you’re considering your content promotion across paid media

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You may have the most compelling white papers in your industry, but if you’re not boosting your ads and investing in putting your content in front of relevant eyes, you may as well go offline right now.

Owned Media, Your Company’s Home Base

At one point or another, driving traffic back to your website was a top priority. Awareness of who is coming to the website and what they’re doing when they land should be something that keeps you up at night (or at least motivates you to get creative with onsite content!). Make sure that all of your resources, whether it be downloads, ebooks or white papers can easily be found. If you have a blog, keep it updated with guest bloggers and content that shows your personality. Don’t have all of this owned media if you’re not going to own it.

Own your content, own its promotion. Nobody should leave content in a corner, especially when the end result could be going viral!

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William Flanagan

CEO & Founder, Audienti. Former VP-Cognio, Founder-sentitO/Verso, SALIX/Tellabs, PrimaryAccess/3Com, CompuServe. Expert in data-driven marketing.

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