How to Use Twitter Like a Social Media Manager

Unless you’ve been operating in a cave, a rock-solid social media campaign is key to business success today. If you’re not using the platforms to engage with customers directly, then you’re working with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google + to expand your reach, generate buzz, present your persona and more.

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Many people think that they can have a “hands-off” approach to social media: if you post it, they will come and that is the end of that. However, this can’t be further from the case, especially with Twitter, where the common misconception is that “one tweet and done” is all a company needs to do there with its social media strategy. While tweeting with absolute abandon isn’t ideal either, there is a balance. Here are some tips on how to use Twitter like a social media manager, and not a neophyte:

1. Strike up a Conversation

You only have 140 characters, so use them. We’re not looking for the social media conversation of the year, but adding character to your brand can speak volumes. Think of the kind of voice you would like: Happy? Cheerful? Casual? Authoritative? You decide. Then, take it from there. Present your information, ask questions and devise statements that are shiareworthy and that may elicit the right kind of response.

2. “Hello World” is Just the Beginning

Twitter is a great social media platform through to demonstrate your expertise. You can retweet reputable news sources, big players in your field, share quotes and more. Think of this as a way to showcase your personality, and how you would like others to get to know  and engage with you.

3. Follow Influencers and Reach Out

Those with sway are also on Twitter and with a bit of research, you can find, follow and engage with their tweets. This extends your company’s visibility, and also lets those who are big in your field know about your presence and brand. They might even share a blog post, add a quote or retweet your message to their followers.

4. Sometimes, It’s Good to Listen

“Listening” doesn’t mean “Ok, I sent out one tweet and now I’m done.” A good social media listener searches for hashtags, and starts conversations based on what’s popular. A really good listener will do the same, but join in, where appropriate, and contribute to the conversation. Also positive? Just pay attention and see who’s tweets are making the most sense. Then, reach out or follow at a later date.

5. Keep Accounts Separate

If you’re posting your tweets to Facebook or vice versa and think, “that’s it!” then we think you should stop. Your social media audiences are mostly different, depending on platform, and your posts should reflect that. If your brand is highly visual, however, linking up Instagram and Twitter can be a good idea, but that’s another post in and of itself.

We could go on and on, but this definitely helps paint the picture that being on Twitter requires patience, engagement and a little bit of imagination. If you have all of those, and can be pity not exceeding 140 characters, then you’ll rock Twitter. With more than one tweet. Naturally.

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Quin Woodward-Pu

VP-Marketing Audienti. Former Director of PR Brightline Interactive. Former Editor Vocus. Social media guru.

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