So You’re Starting a Startup… Stop!

So You’re Starting a Startup….Stop!  Tongue-twisters aside, creating your own startup is easier – but more competitive – than it’s ever been. Businesses thrive and wither with a blink of an eye – many times, because founding parties don’t do their homework. Before you file a LLC, we’ve compiled a list of must read articles before deciding to launch your first startup company.

# 1. A Blueprint for Startups: Try To Kill It Before You Start

George Deeb the managing partner for Ensemble and Red Rocket Ventures, explains how creating a plan for your startup is a crucial first step. We agree. Don’t get business cards just yet – Deeb makes valid points such as:

  • Why your startup must solve a problem
  • Whether or not you’re planning on getting investors
  • What your target market is
  • How you plan to staff your team

#2. Business Pundit

Business Pundit's "Start Me Up" Infographic

Business Pundit’s “Start Me Up” Infographic

Business Pundit believes in the evolving startup industry  – so much, in fact, they created a nifty infographic for the 2013 startup scene. Besides aesthetically pleasing data, Business Pundit outlines:

  • The hottest industries for startups
  • Up and coming startups in 2013
  • The success rates for startups
  • Recent acquisitions by Twitter and Yahoo

#3. Under 30 CEO: 13 Pieces of Startup Advice You Never Thought Of

Under 30 CEO provides a refreshing take on stale startup content with this humorous compilation of advice from startup founders. Founders such as Nathalie Lussier, (The Website Checkup Tool), Erika London, ( Patrick Ambron ( and many more advise young startups to:

  • Get a vacuuming robot
  • Take vacations
  • Keep your ego in check
  • Kick your shoes off, go barefoot

#4. Personal Branding Blog: Seven Ways to Speed Up Your Start Up

Do you have the personality traits to start a startup? Beth Kuhel identifies character traits and tips from successful startups that will speed up your startup process. Her tips and traits include:

  • Persistence, ambition, and belief in your cause
  • Ability to use big data to your advantage
  • Knowing how to understand your customer

#5. TechCrunch: The Path To Starting A Startup

There’s no age limit for entrepreneurship…. but when’s the right time of your life to go for it? Scott Weiss, partner at Andreessen Horowitz, reflects on TechCrunch explains that even with his experience, he still felt “green” when he founded his first company. He elaborates on how having experience in the field will make your startup process smoother:

  • Why college grads may have difficulty tackling a startup
  • What instincts you should develop first
  • How to decide what startup to team up with

#6. Young Startups: The Secret Sauce of Start-up Success

What’s in the secret sauce of success? The CEO of Vocalocity, Wain Kellum, is willing to share his. He outlines his five-step method in this exclusive article via Young Startups. Learn how:

  • To identify the right market
  • How to attract the right staff
  • How automation helps build a model that scales

#7. When The Sh*t Hits the Fan With Your Startup

We’ve all heard how we can succeed with our startup… what happens if we fail? Entrepreneur Erica Douglass talks about how her startup nearly failed and how to face the music when sh*t hits the fan for your startup. Read about how Erica:

  • Recovered from disconnects in her product
  • Went through a lot of “nos” to get a “yes”
  • Decided to start from scratch


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